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Product/ServiceTOURISM & LEISURE
Entrant Company SAATCHI & SAATCHI + DUKE Saint-Denis, FRANCE
Advertising Agency SAATCHI & SAATCHI + DUKE Saint-Denis, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Frédéric Temin SAATCHI/SAATCHI/DUKE Chief Creative Officer
Timothée Gaube SAATCHI/SAATCHI/DUKE Copywriter
Olivier Gamblin SAATCHI/SAATCHI/DUKE Art Director
Nicolas Orsoni/Durand SAATCHI/SAATCHI/DUKE Head Of Planning
Romain Butel SAATCHI/SAATCHI/DUKE Motion Designer
Roxane Roullier SAATCHI/SAATCHI/DUKE Account Director

The Brief

Club Med is a well-known French holiday company, offering luxury all-inclusive resorts in the most beautiful spots on earth. Club Med is France's favorite holiday resorts, yet most of their customers travel with them only once a year, for significant family holidays. But with more than 80 resorts on 5 continents for summer and winter holidays, 'once a year' is far from what Club Med could really offer. So how to encourage those enthusiast existing customers booking and visiting Club Med resorts more than just once a year? The major constraint: no media budget.

Creative Execution

We created the first ever bathrobes broadcasted campaign. A campaign automatically launching itself at exactly the right time: several days after clients went back home, when they crave for new holidays. 1) We used 'removable ink' to hide a secret message on Club Med's ordinary bathrobes. 2) We disposed them on every client's room in the Albion 5-star resort, on their last day of vacation. 3) Once at home, each bathrobe revealed a hidden message after a first washing, driving customers to a dedicated website. 4) Then, 'bathrobe thieves' were congratulated and encouraged to book new holidays at the Club.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

As we could not afford full media pressure throughout the year neither any expensive stimulation, we had to look for new ways of getting our consumers attention to increase their booking frequency. So we found an unusual touchpoint that we could turn into free media: the Club Med's stolen bathrobes (as 25% of the bathrobes are usually stolen by customers in luxury resorts). Our solution: leverage this 'holiday souvenir' many Club Med fans have in their home (now part of their daily life) to encourage them to book a new trip as soon as they're back home.


The overall production cost: 2544€ for a special ink marking on 530 bathrobes 12,000€ for the dedicated website and the video recording. Total cost: 14,544€ 0€ media buget. So far, 82% of the 'bathrobe thieves' visited the site and 32% of them booked an extra trip at Club Med (132 families reached from which 42 booked and additional trip). With an average 5-star trip cost of 11,000€ for a family it represents an estimated additional business of 462,000€ for Club Med. Total additional profit generated: 447,456€ (estimated) A success turning a direct loss into a free media campaign