Winners & Shortlists


Category A01. FLAT MAILING
Entrant Company LETSADVERTISE.IT Copenhagen, DENMARK
Advertising Agency LETSADVERTISE.IT Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
René Schultz Art Director
Casper Christenen Art Director

The Brief

Our overall aim was to create a stir among the creative directors and use that to land a job in the advertising industry.

Creative Execution

With our idea we bypassed the usual ways you apply for a job and made the creative director interested in actually seeing our portfolio. Being on the front page of Archive is a great way to entice our targeted audience and make sure they receive our message. So good in fact we even heard of agencies gathering to open the magazine together to celebrate their front page of Archive. It was very good at getting our names out there.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We realised that creative directors don't have the time or the desire to carefully look through all the job applications they receive and that it's difficult to stand out. But we also came to the realisation that most creative directors enjoy reading Lürzer's Archive and especially enjoy it if it's their own work on the front page. So we disguised our portfolio as a meticulously crafted edition of Archive, featuring the targeted creative directors own work on the front page.


The response was tremendous. We got an article written about it in our national advertising outlet. We received a lot positive feedback by the creative directors and got invited to more than 15+ coffee dates. In the end we even landed a job, so I guess you could say our ROI was pretty good.