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Product/ServiceHONDA MOTO
Category A01. FLAT MAILING
Entrant Company DDB PARIS, FRANCE
Advertising Agency DDB PARIS, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Alexandre Hervé DDB Paris Executive Creative Director
Emilie Ramain DDB Paris Art Director/Copywriter/Illustrator
Stephane Adouin Ddb Paris Art Director/Copywriter/Illustrator
Mathieu Roux Ddb Paris Account Supervisor
Olivier Massanella Ddb Paris Account Supervisor
Richard Mathiau Honda Moto Advertiser's Supervisor
Valerie Larousse Honda Moto Advertiser's Supervisor

The Brief

The target audience includes all Honda customers that bought a sportive bike. But it also concerns all the motorcycle enthusiasts, because this creation is above all a gift, a poster that could be displayed. Honda is the undisputed master of the most hazardous race of the world, and feeds the dreams, nightmares and fantasies of all bikers. To describe and amplify the extreme danger of this race without offending people, we decided to use a drawing. The final objective here was to represent the projections of bikers who compete, showing the image of the race as they see and feel it.

Creative Execution

Conceive a 100% handmade drawing was the most effective solution to describe and amplify the extreme danger of this race without offending people, and to keep the mythological universe that surrounds it. It took more than 250 hours to develop completely by technical pen (Rotring) this illustration, which starts from this principle: draw every single difficult part of the race, in the style of engravings of ancient times. Finally, to create a bridge between the world of bikers and this legendary race, we have added a touch of modernity, via a design that reminds biker tattoos, like snakes or dragons.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

The Isle of Man TT is the most dangerous motorcycle track in the world, which inspires both fear and respect for all bikers. We decided to create something strong, remarkable, reflected by this legendary race. In order to avoid offending the target, we decided to move away from the reality, by using a draw.


This creation is the result of an interpretation of the projection that bikers could have during the race. The brand Honda, whose slogan is 'The Power of Dreams', appeals to the imaginary. Thus, the root of this work and its development is directly inspired by Honda's universe. The purpose of this campaign was to offer Honda's customers a collector drawing, which could be proudly displayed. By giving something valuing to its customers, Honda has improved its brand image, asserting itself as the motorcycle brand that understands bikers.