Winners & Shortlists


Category A01. FLAT MAILING
Entrant Company ABBY NORM Stockholm, SWEDEN
Advertising Agency ABBY NORM Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Oskar Hellqvist Abby Norm Art Director
Emil Frid Abby Norm Art Director
Dan Göransson Abby Norm Copywriter
Olle Nordell Abby Norm Creative Director
Amanda Liljenäs Abby Norm Account Manager
Andreas Morne Abby Norm Account Director
Camilla Thuresson Abby Norm Final Art
Emily Pennström Abby Norm Final Art

The Brief

Adobe was hosting an inspirational event named “Create Now – New Creative Meet Up”, themed around creativity, and wanted to invite the top creatives of the Nordics. 239 creative professionals were chosen; a mix of prospective and current users of Adobe Creative Cloud. The invited were all top profiles from the creative industry, working at important advertising agencies, production companies and design studios. These people are bombarded with invitations and requests every day. To stand out and get them to attend the event, we needed to make them feel honoured and personally invited.

Creative Execution

Typefaces are something almost every creative use in their profession. The execution was extra relevant to the brand since the typefaces were all made using Adobe software.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Using Adobe software, we painstakingly handcrafted 239 personal typefaces with unique ligatures, each inspired by and named after the creatives themselves. The typefaces were a mix of thin and fat sans serifs, various roman types, stencil typefaces and slab serifs. Posters portraying the typefaces with an integrated invitation text were sent out digitally and postally. To get the actual typeface file the invited just had to show up at the event to claim their USB-stick carrying the file.


All the 150 seats at the event were filled and many of the people not able to attend contacted Adobe and begged to get a hold of their personal typeface. The invitation itself created PR in influential Nordic creativity media and helped Adobe build a relationship with new brand ambassadors.