Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceTAXI TRAILS
Entrant Company KING Stockholm, SWEDEN
Advertising Agency KING Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production Company YOURS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Frank Hollingworth King/Stockholm Creative Director
Christoffer Dymling King/Stockholm Copywriter
Josephine Wallin King/Stockholm Art Director
Johan Tesch King/Stockholm Digital Creative
Per Wilson King/Stockholm Planner
Sunit Mehrotra King/Stockholm Head Of Client Services
Peter Preisler King/Stockholm Account Director
Lena Ivarsson King/Stockholm Account Manager
Sofia Weman King/Stockholm Digital Account Director

The Brief

Taxi Stockholm, wanted to attract both foreign and national tourists visiting Stockholm. When visiting a new city, it’s hard to know which taxi company to choose since you don’t know which one to trust. Taxi Stockholm is the biggest taxi company in Stockholm. Our strategy was to make sure tourists knew this by turning our strongest proof of trustworthiness – that we drive 8 million trips around Stockholm every year - into something useful for tourists.

Creative Execution

First of all Taxi Trails proved that Taxi Stockholm is trustworthy since only a taxi company with that many trips could make a tourist guide. Secondly it encouraged tourists to book a taxi by showing them different great locations they could visit and by making it easy to book a cab through the application. Thirdly, the new and innovative way of using Taxi Stockholm’s big data made a taxi company from Sweden with a small budget get PR-coverage all over the world. And hence starting to build Taxi Stockholm’s image against tourist even before they had come here.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

The best way to be a tourist in a city is to be guided by someone who lives there. But what about the tourist who don’t know anyone? Well, since all of the 8 million trips are tracked by GPS we created a new type of tourist guide that showed where the locals of Stockholm most often travelled. The data was put on to Google Maps so it became interactive and was called Taxi Trails. This way the tourists didn’t need to know a local to know where they go. From the interactive guide you could easily order a taxi.


During the specific period of the campaign, Taxi Stockholm´s market share on the most obvious trip used by tourists (Arlanda Airport ­ Stockholm) increased with 15 % and booking from hotels increased with 16 %. The net revenue per car increased with 6 %. The overall ROI had a ratio of 1:8 and the campaign also resulted in a massive PR coverage from all over the world ­ both in social and traditional media with social mentions for Taxi Stockholm increasing with staggering 1300% and 2.6 million earned impressions. Our total budget was only 100 000 €.