Winners & Shortlists


Advertising Agency DDB BRUSSELS, BELGIUM
Production Company MOJUICE Haacht, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Peter Ampe DDB Brussels Executive Creative Director
Rom/John Rom/John Peter Ampe DDB Brussels Copywriter
Axelle De Terwange DDB Brussels Account Director
Kirsten Vanderbeke DDB Brussels Account Manager
Dominique Poncin DDB Brussels Head Of Strategy
Maarten Van Daele DDB Brussels Strategic Planner
Geert Desager DDB Brussels Head Of Digital
Simon De Pauw DDB Brussels Digital Production
Emilie Piret DDB Brussels Online Project Manager

The Brief

The new Audi A8 is a high end luxury sedan which is only affordable for the "happy few”. How to create leads for a car that only 1 in 10.000 car buyers can afford? We needed a campaign idea that effectively targets high-end luxury consumers: from top-level managers to affluent CEO's. To effectively reach them and generate new leads we set up a special collaboration enabling us to reach the high end consumers we ourselves had no access too.

Creative Execution

A billboard campaign was directly booked by the media agency, introducing a real paradox: how could we generate leads amongst the happy few via a billboard campaign which is there for everyone? That is why we set up a collaboration with a headhunters agency, enabling us to reach the high end consumers we ourselves have no access too. “Don’t call us for a test drive, our headhunters will call you” was the message shown on the billboard. Through a clever combination of traditional media, social media and a headhunters agency, we achieved a double goal, we enhanced the premium image of Audi with the general public and obtained hard to get leads for the Audi A8.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

By teaming up with headhunters agency Huxley, we got access to the high-level profiles that we so badly wanted to reach.We briefed Huxley to look for the most suitable profiles and invite these people for a 24h VIP test-drive. For these recruiters it's easy to get a hold of our target audience, as they know them on a personal level. A campaign, featuring the headline "Don't call us for a test drive, we will call you." amplified Audi's action through posters, print ads and online bannering. People who didn't receive a phone call could still put themselves on the headhunter's radar via Twitter, by announcing their application via #testaudiA8.


Huxley headhunters called 1000 suitable candidates and conveyed over 200 qualitative test drives. In only 10 days we registered more leads than Audi generally registers throughout an entire year. The campaign generated 200% more traffic to the Audi A8 webpage. Due to the unexpected success, Audi's board decided to abort the campaign sooner, even though the campaign was due to run for two more weeks.