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Product/ServiceDOG POOKIES
Entrant Company MAYER McCANN Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Media Agency MAYER McCANN Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Production Company KEROZIN Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Name Company Position
Robert Bohinec Mayer Mccann Creative Director
Gal Erbežnik Mayer Mccann Creative Director
Dejan Miletič Mayer Mccann Art Director
Blaž Žnidarič Mayer Mccann Designer
Aleš Petejan Mayer Mccann Account Director
Špela Pregl Mayer Mccann Pr Director
Andreja Počkaj Mayer Mccann Digital Creative
Marko Kumer Kumer Murč Director
Urban Zorko Director

The Brief

The biggest Slovenian ecological dog food producer Hov-Hov Dog Bakery produces organic dog food for Slovenian market. Their products are well accepted within Slovenian dog owners because of their distincitve ecological quality, but they are not well known abroad. Hov-Hov wanted to become recognizable outside its borders to increase its business. Our main strategy was communication of the core of their brand - ecological quality - to international customers. On a fun, interesting and modern way which would be easily picked up by our target group - dog lovers and relevant international media.

Creative Execution

Dog Pookies are the ultimate ecological innovation in terms of dog food which is completely relevant to the core business of its producer Hov-Hov which produces organic dog food. It communicates to its potential customers that Hov-Hov is ecologic, innovative and caring - as the product helps dogs digestion. And also social responsible because of the innovative charity event with the product launch. This product is avantgarde because it has a built-in story which is very interesting to our target group. And it doesn't need a classical advertising campaign/story for its promotion - it's self-promoting because of its intriguing innovation.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Instead of creating a classical advertising campaign, we created an innovative ecological product. Dog Pookies are new ecological dog cookies with viable seeds added after the baking. This simple and safe biological trick helps dogs' digestion and changes unpleasant dog poop into eco-friendly fertilised plant crop. With the launch we organised a special charity event where for the first time ever dogs made their "deposits". When the flowers bloom, they will be sold on an auction for a dog shelter. Now dogs and their owners share the power to make the unused landscape nicer.


Dog Pookies reached fertile publicity in media around the world relevant to our target group. Practicaly all major dog, lifestyle and business related media wrote about this innovation. This made Hov-Hov famous and helped expanding its international business as is now opening new shops in Austria, Italy and Croatia as well as exporting Dog Pookies and their other products to major European countries and USA. Dog Pookies are continuosly the best selling Hov-Hov product at their stores and on its international webstore. Innovation became famous within our target groups - for instance French canine competition bought Dog Pookies to reward the winning dogs.