Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company ÅKESTAM HOLST Stockholm, SWEDEN
Advertising Agency ÅKESTAM HOLST Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Andreas Ullenius Åkestam Holst Creative Director
Hanna Björk Åkestam Holst Copywriter
Lars Holthe Åkestam Holst Art Director
Kjell Månsson Åkestam Holst Account Executive
Henrik Adenskog Åkestam Holst Account Director
Johan Eklund Åkestam Holst Digital Producer
Anna Nolendorfs Åkestam Holst Account Manager
Jerker Winther Åkestam Holst Planner
Elias Awada Åkestam Holst Graphic Designer
Jens Sjöbergh Åkestam Holst Digital Designer
Anna Lundeborg Åkestam Holst Digital Planner
Mimmi Morén Åkestam Holst Assistant Account Manager
Anne/Lie Karl Åkestam Holst Studio Assistant
Lo Bjurulf Linkdetails Interior Designer
Joachim Lundgren Söderberg Agentur Photographer
Christine Eliasson IKEA Advertiser's Supervisor

The Brief

The kitchen system METOD was successfully launched in 2013. One year later we were asked to do a re-launch. Now focusing on the inside, smart solutions and organisation. But how could we make the kitchen interesting and newsworthy again for the customers?

Creative Execution

In traditional media we tell, in an emotional way, the benefits with the product. But to make them actually talk about the product, the key was to prove it and let experience it on their own. Something quite rationally, suddenly becomes interesting and emotional.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We decided to expose METOD for the ultimate test. We created a secret supper club by building a METOD kitchen in a private apartment and invited as well IKEA fans as influential people such as journalists and bloggers. What the guests didn’t know was that the chef was blind and that she had only a few hours to get to know her new kitchen before the opening night. With direct insight to the kitchen the exclusively invited guests could follow the chef’s work while they were enjoying the five-course menu.


By letting a blind cook demonstrate the kitchen we gave the guests an unforgettable evening and every single invited guest wrote and talked about their experience at the supper club. Also: Exclusive 8 min interview aired on Swedens largest tv channel (TV4) on prime time. +50 articles in Swedish newspapers and magazines. + 100 posts on larger Swedish blogs. Total reach 4,3 million people.