Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceQ SJOKOMELK
Entrant Company MK NORWAY Oslo, NORWAY
Advertising Agency MK NORWAY Oslo, NORWAY
Production Company ANTI Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Armando Zuniga MK Norway Creative Director
Armando Zuniga MK Norway Copywriter
Jens Gundersen MK Norway Art Director
Øystein Vik MK Norway Art Director
Meghan Beaton MK Norway Agency Producer
Svein Roger Selle MK Norway Account Director

The Brief

Q Chocolate Milk has become Norway’s best in taste and Norwegian’s favorite. So we needed to unveil the secret: Fresh Milk (Not UHT milk). Since our target audience is mainly teens, we needed to communicate the fact that we are the only ones in Norway using that much appreciated ingredient in a fun and entertaining way. We did not have the budget for a massive media campaign so we decided to hit people where they are the most, the streets and the internet. We took advantage of the power of social media to engage with our audience.

Creative Execution

The brand has positioned itself with a "young-at-heart" personality and in that sense, our campaign needed to project that attitude. Through the surprising stunts we performed based on people's wishes, we established an emotional link letting them know that we understand what they like and how they feel. These stunts went from bringing a famous soccer commentator to some guys' FIFA video game night, to surprise a couple of friends giving them a helicopter ride over the city of Bergen or bringing them a professional chef to an otherwise common park pic-nic.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We decided to not only deliver a message but also a brand experience with recognizable and memorable elements. We created the concept "Life Tastes Better Fresh" and along with it "The Fresh Squad". A group of urban heroes who would deliver unique experiences to people's daily lives. We kickstarted the campaign with a surprise stunt at a bus stop, made it viral and ask people to send us a wish through social media. Once the wishes came in, we selected the best and set out to bring these experiences all over Norway, thus, engaging in a direct dialog with consumers.


After two days of posting our kickstart stunt video, reaction was immediate. it got over 100,000 views and we received over 200 messages. After one week of selecting the best wishes/messages, we set out to bring those experiences to our audience. Everything was documented and posted on our social media channels. This generated over 250,000 views on all our videos combined, brought 3,000 new fans and 20% increase of likes in less than a month. All this without the use of massive media (TV, Cinema, Radio), except for the one time outdoor we turned into a viral video.