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Advertising Agency BBDO BERLIN, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Wolfgang Schneider BBDO Germany Gmbh Chief Creative Officer
Jan Harbeck/David Mously BBDO Berlin Gmbh Creative Managing Directors
Ton Hollander/Tobias Feige/Daniel Haschtmann BBDO Berlin Gmbh Creative Directors
Shelley Lui/Daniel Schweinzer BBDO Berlin Gmbh Art Directors
Timo Fiebig/Lukas Liske BBDO Berlin Gmbh Copywriters
Sebastian Schlosser BBDO Berlin Gmbh Client Service Director
Steffen Schumann BBDO Berlin Gmbh Account Director
G├╝lcan Demir/Daniela Haake/Sandra Gesell BBDO Berlin Gmbh Account Manager
Silke Rochow BBDO Berlin Gmbh Agency Producer
Steffen Gentis BBDO Germany Gmbh Chief Production Officer
Christian Bornkessel Sound Engineer
Maximilian Duwe Director/Editor/Animation
Frank Restle Director Of Photography
Studio Funk Berlin Audio Production Company
Mokoh Music/Berlin Composition

The Brief

Most people have a prejudice about electric mobility: they think it's just a way to save nature, but not to have fun. The challenge was to encourage those sceptics to take part in test drive events and experience smart ed's driving pleasure firsthand.

Creative Execution

The smart ed accelerates fast, drives silently and has an extra small turning radius. To show these features at once, we invented a virtual turntable that is controlled by a smart electric drive: smart DJ - the world's first turntable test drive. By turning a test drive into a game which plays with the elements of DJ culture, we stayed true to the smart image: a progressive brand with a young appeal which represents an urban lifestyle. This made smart DJ the perfect way to show that the smart electric drive is all about fun.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Instead of just making test drives, we created an entertaining game: smart DJ - the world's first turntable test drive. The setting: The smart ed drives in circles on a giant virtual vinyl record. The principle: The faster the smart, the faster the music. The goal: reach the correct speed to guess the song. To spread this game to a wide audience and make people curious to take part in the test drive, we debuted smart DJ on one of the most prominent shows on German prime-time TV. Supported by the buzz that followed, smart DJ started its tour throughout Germany.


smart DJ was a success. The 16 minutes in which smart DJ aired on 'Schlag den Raab' reached 2,6 MM viewers, a viewing rate of over 21 % and a media value of 1,4 MM EUR. This created a lot of attention in the media and word of mouth online. The buzz of smart DJ led to many excited participants at the test drive events that followed and gave everyone the chance to experience the smart ed's driving pleasure firsthand. That helped increase sales by 10 times compared to the month before.