Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company TRY/APT/POL Oslo, NORWAY
Advertising Agency TRY/APT/POL Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Sindre Rosness TRY/Apt/POL Creative
Bård Rostrup Gabrielsen TRY/Apt/POL Creative
Rickard Roslund TRY/Apt/POL Designer
Linda Kling TRY/Apt/POL Account Manager
Monica Rosengren TRY/Apt/POL Account Manager
Thomas Lein TRY/Apt/POL Flash Developer
Kaja Helene Kristiansen TRY/Apt/POL Developer
Marius Nettum TRY/Apt/POL Developer
Arne Wellberg BI Marketing Director
Annicken Hejna BI Marketing Co/Ordinator

The Brief

Norwegians are studying abroad like never before. This has lead to a decrease in applications for the masters programme at BI Norwegian business School. Our challenge was getting Norwegian students abroad to consider returning home for their masters degree and by this increasing applications. Our strategy was quite simple. We wanted to make the students homesick (in a good way) by giving them a taste of home.

Creative Execution

BI Norwegian business school is a private school. They take great pride in being the school that works closest to the norwegian business world. As a result, 72% of the students are offered a job before even finishing their masters degree. By cooperating closely with leading Norwegian businesses to create the Lure, BI proved themselves to be very relevant for both norwegian businesses and students. BI got in touch with potential students, the businesses with their potential employees. The students got relevant information about BIs masters programme and a sweet taste of home.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

The Lure (Lokkemat) was a partnership between BI and four iconic, norwegian products that are normally only available in Norway. The product packaging was given an academic makeover in a humorous tone of voice. We offered to ship the lure all over the world, free of charge. Our only condition was that you were Norwegian and had a foreign address. The Lure proved to be a welcome initiative amongst the target group; All of the lures produced (2500) were sent to 56 different countries within 2 weeks with promoted facebook-posts as the only paid media.


We produced 2500 lures. All of them were ordered and shipped within thre weeks of the campaign launch. As the lures arrived around the world, Norwegians abroad started posting on social media, generating considerable buzz and articles in Norway´s leading newspapers. After the Lures went out of stock, the campaign kept generating leads for BI, and they are planning to re-launch the campaign early 2015. But most importantly, the campaign lead to a 22% increase to BI´s masters programme.