Winners & Shortlists


Category A01. FLAT MAILING
Entrant Company THJNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Advertising Agency THJNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Armin Jochum Thjnk Ag Chief Creative Officer
Mirko Kaminski Achtung! Gmbh Chief Creative Officer
Leif Johannsen Thjnk Ag Creative Director
Patrick Matthiensen Thjnk Ag Creative Director
Reto Oetterli Thjnk Ag Art Director
Jakob Rabold Thjnk Ag Copywriter
Florian Kruse Thjnk Ag Account Manager
Robert Hoyer Achtung! Gmbh Account Supervisor
Daniel Giesemann Achtung! Gmbh Account Manager
Cosima Köster Thjnk Ag Creative Junior Art
Justus Düsenberg Thjnk Ag Creative Junior Art

The Brief

ADVOCARD is faced with the same problems as the rest of the insurance industry: a media landscape that has been hostile ever since the financial crisis, the reluctance of German consumers to concern themselves with insurance in general, and products that are intangible and impossible to tell apart. Furthermore, ADVOCARD has no sales structure of its own that can be “pushed” to increase sales of policies. The brief was to illustrate the need for legal expenses insurance.

Creative Execution

For the first time in history, Advocard analysed over one million litigation cases and mapped them on a digital atlas. A unique demonstration that shows the necessity of legal costs insurance. We put the most important figures down on paper – in a 16-page brochure that illustrates our nation’s litigation culture. We distributed this lovingly designed brochure among selected multipliers, justice ministers, universities and the German Institute for Economic Research.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

To depict our nation’s litigation culture in the form of a big litigation atlas. A unique demonstration that doesn’t just show how and where litigation takes place in our country, but above all visualises the necessity of legal costs insurance.


The result is impressive: 3.1 billion online visits. 110 million generated contacts. Justice ministries, universities and the German Institute for Economic Research requested the data behind the litigation atlas. The atlas didn’t just inspire a societal debate but also established itself as an adroit sales tool for marketing Advocard. Within a remarkably short period of time, the litigation atlas became the most successful PR promotion in Advocard’s company history.