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Product/ServiceBURGER KING
Entrant Company BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Georges Mohammed Chérif BUZZMAN Ceo/Creative Director
Thomas Granger BUZZMAN Vice President
Julien Levilain BUZZMAN Associate Director
Mickael Krikorian BUZZMAN Art Director
Victor Sidoroff BUZZMAN Art Director
Mickael Krikorian BUZZMAN Copywriter
Victor Sidoroff BUZZMAN Copywriter
Pierre Cognard BUZZMAN Artistic Director Assistant
Ugo Guillermo BUZZMAN Artistic Director Assistant
Pierre Guengant BUZZMAN Account Manager
Loïc Coelho BUZZMAN Account Executive
Julien Scaglione BUZZMAN Head Of Social Media
Thomas Schmitt BUZZMAN Social Media Manager
Loris Bernardini BUZZMAN Social Media Manager
Cyril Paglino BUZZMAN Head Of Communication/Pr
Clara Bascoul Gauthier BUZZMAN Communication/Pr Manager
Bérénice Charles BURGER KING Marketing Project Manager
Carole Rousseau BURGER KING Marketing Project Manager
Anna Perrin BURGER KING Marketing Project Manager Assistant

The Brief

The brief here was to answer people’s impatience and build our social community with a specific tone for the brand. The target of this communication plan was very large. The first concerned were obviously our complaning fans to whom we wanted to answer in an original and personnalised way but more widely everyone that can be interested by the brand or amused by our communication strategy thanks to the social and traditional media impacts expected or the experience in real life offered. The goal at the end was to turn this negative atmosphere into something positive.

Creative Execution

This execution was very relevant to our target because we answered them on the biggest support we could find (a 15 meters large construction pannel), on the location they are expecting the most (all they want is new restaurant, what could be a better gift to consecrate them the openning of a new one) and on a personnalised and funny way (each answer was though to have fun of their complain to turn this into something positive). And on a brand perspective, this communication support was relevant because it was something extremely simple and cheap to make that, thanks to the originality of the creation, could have a huge impact and contribute to get the brand closer to its fans.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

To answer this brief, we decided to face the impatience of our fans and answer people’s complains. How? By selecting some representative tweets (expressing how angry or disappointed might be our fans) and answer them directly in a big way… on our construction panels. We printed these angry tweets on the front of our upcoming restaurants to make every new openning a direct answer to their anger.


The reception of the campaign was indeed very good to our fans (some are even trying to seduce us by writting fake tweets in order to be printed on our next construction pannels) and widely to everyone who has been exposed to the campaign and who massively congrats the brand for its innovation and self-mockery. The quantitative results are still in progress (cause the discussions and impacts about it never really stopped) but at that time, we counted more than 80 000 retweets and about 17 million people potentially reached by the campaign. The entire campaign has costed us only 5 000 euros for an estimated 5 million euros of earned media.