Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Product/ServiceCOCA-COLA MINI CAN 0.15L
Entrant Company OGILVY GERMANY Frankfurt, GERMANY
Advertising Agency OGILVY GERMANY Frankfurt, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Dr. Stephan Vogel Ogilvy Germany Chief Creative Officer
Tim Stuebane/Birgit Van Den Valentyn Ogilvy Germany Executive Creative Director
Moritz Carls/Guenduez Erdil/Nicolas Peyrau/Oliver Tschernick Ogilvy Germany Art Director
Carlos Pabon/Fabian Synneby Ogilvy Germany Copywriter
Stephen Kimpel Ogilvy Germany Account Management
Martina Diederichs Ogilvy Germany Art Buyer
Lars Borges Studio Borges Photographer
Georg Ilse Ogilvy Germany Angency Producer
Px1 Berlin Gmbh/Nhb Studios Berlin Gmbh Px1 Berlin Gmbh/Nhb Studios Berlin Gmbh Post Production
Justus Becker Tony Petersen Film Director
Benjamin Entrup Freelancer Editor
Fabian Barz Tony Petersen Film Film Producer
Fabian Bettinger/Ali Jamshidi Freelancer Dop Lighting Cameraman
Mokoh Music Gmbh MOKOH Music Gmbh Music Production
Stephan Moritz MOKOH Music Gmbh Music Production
Sven Gessner Freelancer Production Designer
Michael Willeke/Philip Hartmann Coca Cola Gmbh Advertiser's Supervisor

The Brief

The new Coca-Cola mini can was to be introduced into the German market. For this special little can, we needed an equally special campaign. A campaign that lives up to the brand claim: Open happiness.

Creative Execution

It's the little things in life that makes us happy. Just like the Coca-Cola 0.15 L mini can. This was the simple strategy that linked the mini can with our 'mini' solution.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

The mini kiosk. Combined with a small Coke vending machine, it appeared spontaneously around different cities. The mini kiosk sold a series of miniature products, but first and foremost the 0.15L mini can.


5 major German cities experienced the mini kiosk. In average each mini kiosk sold around 380 mini cans per day. That's a 278% sales improvement in comparison to normal Coca-Cola vending machines.