Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceIKEA BED & BATHROOM
Entrant Company SMFB Oslo, NORWAY
Advertising Agency SMFB Oslo, NORWAY
Media Agency MEDIACOM Oslo, NORWAY
Production Company MEDIAMONKS Hilversum, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Alexander Gjersoe Smfb Creative Director
Hans Magne Ekre Smfb Creative Director
Hans Martin Rønneseth Smfb Creative Director
André Koot Smfb Creative Director
Mari Engen Smfb Account Manager
Kristian Kristiansen Smfb Account Director
Christoffer Lorang Dahl Smfb Web Director
Nicklas Hellborg Smfb Designer
Stina Norgren Smfb Designer
Arnar Halldorsson Smfb Designer
Tom Rijpert Mediamonks Director
Jeroen Van Der Meer Mediamonks Digital Producer
Robbie Van Brussel Mediamonks Director Of Photography
Joris Pol Mediamonks Executive Producer
Noor Van Geloven Mediamonks Executive Producer
Mediamonks Film Mediamonks Film Film Postproduction/Animation
Mediamonks Film Mediamonks Film Film Production
Mediamonks Mediamonks Digital Production

The Campaign

The world’s most famous catalogue crafted into an interactive film that expands into an integrated campaign, as if it was designed by IKEA itself; Where Good Days Starts is the first IKEA Catalogue that can be explored through a story. At the core of the campaign is a film starring a young Scandinavian family and their morning routines. The element of surprise lies in the hidden layer of extra content, which allows viewers to divert from the main storyline at any point during the film, to experience more of the product range, highlight and in the end, buy all the products from the range through a tailor made web shop. Teasers, trailers, banners and lots of content from the film was spread across owned, earned and payed media. For example would a hidden sequence from the film, function as the campaigns TVC, showing on all major TV-channels during the campaign period.

Success of the Campaign

The campaign is ongoing, and has not yet been fully evaluated. However, just a few weeks in we had registered over 100.000 unique users (Norway has a population of 5 million). Total bed- and bathroom sales had increased by 12%. That is a quite remarkable figure for the following reason: IKEA is the outstanding market leader in furniture retail in Norway, with a share of 46%, and a 30% lead on the first runner up competitor. Pushing them another 12% means that this campaign has already achieved its goal of bringing bed- and bathroom more top of both mind and wallet in Norway. Store visits had increased by a record breaking 7%. Visits to Ikea’s homepage increased by 36% and visits to the bed- and bathroom department page increased by 54%.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The campaign was launched with the interactive film, driving traffic via banner ads on IKEA´s own homepage. After that we took out one single "rabbit hole", and launched it as the commercial running on all major TV-channels. Banner ads with scenes from the story, and a clear call to action, was then launched on several online newspapers. A version of the film was tailored for Youtube, taking viewers directly to the digital experience. When the campaign was well up and running, we started spreading content from the film in social media, focusing on relevant products. For instance, if we had the PAX wardrobe on sale, we would push the PAX rabbit hole etc. In a phase 2 of the campaign we implemented new rabbit holes for viewers to discover, which is also the plan for later phases in this ongoing integrated campaign, filling IKEA´s commercial calendar for a whole year.