Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceTV SERIES
Entrant Company SLM AGENCY Copenhagen, DENMARK
Advertising Agency SLM AGENCY Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Simon Engstrøm SLM Agency Executive Creative Director
Daniel Norit/Bodilsen SLM Agency Copywriter
Jonas Quist Nielsen SLM Agency Art Director
Melanie Kort SLM Agency Project Manager
Josephine Moltsen SLM Agency Project Manager

The Campaign

To promote HBO’s Masters of Sex, a show about pushing the boundaries of sexual knowledge, we set out to uncover which nordic country had the best fake orgasm, by letting people donate their best fake one...for science, of course.

Success of the Campaign

The campaign site had more than 80000 site visits, users stayed for an average of 3.1 minutes and donated over 2400 fake orgasms. All this resulted in a 6.1% increase of HBO Nordic’s signups and one anonymous title bearer of the Nordics best fake orgasm.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The campaign was launched on multiple points at the same time. We erected specially build soundproof boxes in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo, with recording devices inside. Actors in lab coats got people to donate their fake inside the boxes, which was then posted on our campaign site, where people could listen, rate and record their own fake orgasm. Banners, tear-off posters, postcards, door hangers and social media also lead people to the site and got them donating. To reach offline users as well, we created a free anonymously mobile hotline, where users could call and donate, when the mood arose.