Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Product/ServiceAUDI A8
Advertising Agency PHILIPP UND KEUNTJE Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Diether Kerner Philipp Und Keuntje Executive Creative Director
Simon Jasper Philipp Philipp Und Keuntje Creative Director/Art Director
Nicolas Winkelmann Philipp Und Keuntje Art Director/Idea
Tobias Schröder Philipp Und Keuntje Copywriter/Idea
Adrienne Tonner Philipp Und Keuntje Copywriter
Holger Norden Philipp Und Keuntje Technical Director
Tanja Heier Philipp Und Keuntje Account Executive
Julia Rüsken Philipp Und Keuntje Account Manager
Laura Popiol Philipp Und Keuntje Account Manager
Axel Leyck Philipp Und Keuntje Agency Producer
Gero Kleist Philipp Und Keuntje Visual Effects Artist
Daniel Wolcke Freelancer Photographer
Ole Ziesemann Freelancer Director
Peter Riis Freelancer Cameraman
Markenfilm Crossing Film Production
Nerd Industries Technical Support
Giovanni Perosino Head Of Marketing Communication Audi Ag
Sascha Scholz Project Lead Advertising And Digital Communication Audi Ag
Wil Giezenaar Manager Marketing And Communication Audi Netherlands
Stefan Van Caldenberg Marketing And Communication Audi Netherlands

Creative Execution

We developed the Audi Test Drive Cube, a device that brings the premiere of the new Audi A8 directly to the customer. Audi dealers personally handed it over to selected recipients. To attain a high activation level, we designed the Cube with an original start-stop button on the top and a red LED front display. The integrated GPS and GSM module was not visible. Activating the Cube starts the countdown and sends the geographic coordinates to Audi. After 90 minutes, the new Audi A8 is delivered right to the customer by a nearby Audi dealer for a 24-hour test drive.

The campaign strengthens customer loyalty to Audi and its dealers. The brand’s image was clearly communicated to the exclusive Audi A8 target group. These facts are quantifiable: In the first six weeks, we achieved a 100% response rate. That means every single Cube delivered generated a test drive. Almost every fifth customer who activated the Cube bought a new Audi A8, marking a conversion rate of 19%. Most of these customers directly bought exactly the Audi A8 they test drove.

The task was to draw attention to the newly launched Audi A8 and to generate both test drives and sales for it by representing progressive technology and demonstrating Vorsprung durch Technik. The major challenge: activating a target group that is hard to reach and hard to convince. Among the campaign recipients were owners of the predecessor Audi A8, interested individuals who eagerly requested information about new Audi models as well as customers of competitor brands in the luxury saloon market. Our objective was to design a tool for an individual Audi A8 premiere that changes how test drives are arranged and provides the clientele with the service they deserve. The campaign strategy was to activate customers immediately and cement the relationship with them by communicating the brand’s technological aspiration.