Winners & Shortlists


Category C01. WEBSITE
Entrant Company DIGITASLBI Cologne, GERMANY
Advertising Agency DIGITASLBI Cologne, GERMANY
Name Position
Andreas Teigeler Chief Creative Officer
Martin Bauermeister Chief Digital Officer
Sascha Michels Creative Director
Marcus Röseler Director Consulting
Dominique Esser Senior Art Director
Martin Hinze Art Director
Sven Jenzer Senior User Experience Architect

Creative Execution

Because great work demands more than making things pretty and shiny, we got down to work and rebuilt the homepage from ground up. Not the easiest task, regarding the complexity and sensitivity of the content. To keep everything smart, we first streamlined and refocused the content. By designing as a gateway we made sure that globally relevant corporate communication can be centrally pushed onto all country homepages. Finally we created a single page design that leads straight to the point of interest, providing many alternative paths to relevant services.

Of course we applied an innovative look and feel. But even more important: We created a client centered single page design that stands out in the finance industry – responsive for desktop and tablet and providing access to all UBS content with only one click. We also improved the impact of campaign messages, drawing more attention from clients passing through to e-banking. To sum it up: meets all requirements of a global player like UBS.

The global and country homepages are the central entry point into UBS’s vast digital landscape. Every month more than one million users pass through these doors. Last revised in 2010 – shortly before the rise of the touchscreen era – the look and feel had become somewhat outdated by the end of 2013. So the question “What’s next?” became urgent. A new solution for more than 50 national homepages and the global homepage had to be conceived, designed and rolled out. The available content was a solid starting point with good value-added information and compelling brand proof-points. But we were also looking for a solution to provide simple and direct access to underlying sites combined with an interaction design for multiple devices. All this had to be achieved while ensuring a highly flexible yet efficient localization set-up: a basic level for smaller markets and a fully-fledged customization for priority markets.