Winners & Shortlists


Advertising Agency DIGITASLBI FRANCE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Amelie Cruchet Digitaslbi Paris Communication Officer
Sarah Coutin Digitaslbi Paris Project Co/Ordinator
Vincent Druguet Digitaslbi Paris Head Of Connected Commerce Offer
Julien Terraz Digitaslbi Paris Creative Technologist
Diego Verastegui Digitaslbi Paris Realization
Jeremy Vissio Digitaslbi Paris Motion Designer
Nolwenn De La Pintière Digitaslbi Paris Designer

Creative Execution

An infra-red Kinect camera analyzes individual visitors as they enter the “Inspiration Corridor” through body scanning technology. A device equipped with video analysis and product recommendation scans the visitors and their outfits within 10 seconds and registers the collected data. This produces a selection from the supplied database of products and catalogues of partner brands located in the mall. People can walk through the corridor and select their favourite products. Each chosen item affects the recommendation engine, and updates the products. The screens are updated with real-time content and can interact with customer movements.Customers can synchronize their product selection to mobile application using iBeacon. They can then locate all the pre-selected products within the shopping center.

The installation merge the online and offline gap, helping bring more foot traffic to physical stores. The video demonstration had more than 16 000 views in a month and a great press coverage and interviews from worldwide key titles : Influencia, CB News, Minute Buzz, Business Insider, Digiday, PSFK…etc. "Our ambition is to make Klépierre Group a part of this innovative form of marketing that uses digital solutions to answer to the latest demands in retail and to create a truly interactive shopping experience"said Sandrine Quesnel, CMO of the Klépierre Group.

One of the biggest problems brick-and-mortar retailers face these days is that many consumers prefer the convenience of shopping online. How technology can enrich the everyday consumer shopping experience to adapt to ever-changing consumer behaviors, and increase consumer loyalty and engagement ? We started from a strong insight: consumers rarely know every single shop in a mall, and are even less aware of their newest products. Right now, there’s a wealth of product information available to people through personalized search engines. The idea was to offer people all this information in a fun and experimental way, using digital technology in shopping malls. The ambition is to keep the Klépierre Group on the cutting edge of technology and marketing by using innovative digital solutions to answer the latest demands in retail, and to create a truly interactive shopping experience.