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Category C02. MICROSITE
Entrant Company NORTH KINGDOM Skelleftea, SWEDEN
Advertising Agency NORTH KINGDOM Skelleftea, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
David Eriksson North Kingdom Executive Creative Director
Robert Lindström North Kingdom Design Director/Art Director
Alfredo Aponte North Kingdom Ux Director
Daniel Isaksson North Kingdom Technical Director
Kaya Hatcher North Kingdom Producer
Sara Andersson North Kingdom Production Manager
Klas Kroon North Kingdom Developer
Einar Öberg North Kingdom Developer
Antoine Lehurt North Kingdom Developer
Mathias Lindgren North Kingdom 3d Lead/3d Artist
Daniel Wallström North Kingdom 3d Artist
Mikael Forsgren North Kingdom Designer
Charlotta Havh North Kingdom Designer
Anders Højland Mikkelsen North Kingdom Designer
Félix Hill North Kingdom Designer
Key Bjuhr North Kingdom Qa Manager
Paul Dixon North Kingdom Qa Manager
Roger Stighäll North Kingdom Business Director
Anton Stenvall More Media Illustrator Thranduil's Hall

Creative Execution

We used some of the latest web technologies in bringing the Hobbit theatrical experience to the web and in that process we also educated developers on the cross device capabilities of the Chrome for Android platform through technical case studies. This immersive experience is the first Chrome Experiment designed for being cross device, using the latest web technologies such as WebGL and WebAudio in Chrome for Android Although WebGL isn’t supported on iOS, users can still experience most of “A Journey Through Middle-earth” on their iPhones and iPad through HTML5 and CSS3

We had tens of millions of visitors for the site from around the world with significant postive press coverage from all major technology outlets as well as mainstream media (link). All creatives (mastheads, video ads, Reddit text ad etc) achieved 100% to 300% higher CTRs than the average rate for ads posted on our media partners. From a social channels reach perspective, this was one of the most successful Chrome Experiment of all times.

“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” was one of Warner Bros. most important theatrical movie releases for 2013. They decided to collaborate with Google to increase awareness about the upcoming movie and create true excitement among movie-goers. By using the new capabilities of Chrome on mobile devices, the ambition was to give fans around the world a unique perspective on Middle-earth and the characters of the two first movies. To accomplish this, the development team used the latest capabilities of the Chrome for Android platform in a cutting-edge, cross-device experience, with the goal to inspire developers around the world to continue innovating on the web and contribute in making the web into a better place to be.