Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceLUPINE PIKO
Entrant Company PIXELPARK Munich, GERMANY
Advertising Agency PIXELPARK Munich, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Stephan Ganser Publicis Pixelpark Executive Creative Director
Manfred Feiger Publicis Pixelpark Creative Director
Maja Lindemann Publicis Pixelpark Art Director
Niklas Paul Publicis Pixelpark Junior Art Director Digital
Maximilian Schmid Akademie Der Bildenden Künste München Product Designer
Maximilian Rösler Publicis Pixelpark Production Manager
Carmen Greutmann/Bolzern Akademie Der Bildenden Künste München Supervision
Urs Greutmann Akademie Der Bildenden Künste München Supervision
Robert Burn Publicis Pixelpark Creative Director
Juergen Winzeck Publicis Pixelpark Movie Editor
Roswitha Haslinger Publicis Pixelpark Senior Art Buyer
Stefan Pulster Publicis Pixelpark Producer
Felix Schindele Felix Schindele Photographer
Michael Wessely Funktion/Metall Unlimited Gmbh Production
Heidrun Patzak Publicis Pixelpark Editorial Journalist

Creative Execution

We wanted the lupine torch to be part of our whole day and get them out of the drawer. So, we first asked products design students from the academy of fine arts in munich, how they would transform the Piko torch. After collecting ideas, we got in contact with our facebook audience, introducing the Lupine Transformers project, with the challenge: How to transform the piko to an object of daily use. The community shared their thoughts, we shared chosen student ideas and gave the final vote to the community, which collaborative piece should win. Afterwards we produced the supplement and created the project website to sell it.

The community shared their thoughts on how they are using their torches at home for other purposes than going for a night downhill. We gave them the opportunity to be involved in the product design. For us it was a learning, could our community be part of collaborative product development? Are they interested in additional supplements, such as the LT1, the result of the Lupine Transformers project? They are. Our small series of 200 pieces is already gone.

Lupine manufactures the brightest and most expensive bike lights. Up to 700 Euro is ok for professional heavy users. But how can Lupine be attractive for a wider range of customers who shrink back from buying a Lupine because the noble piece may end up in the junk drawer most of the time? By stimulating a new discussion about our products in a new context; what are you doing, with the torches at home, Lupine gained insights on the usage of their products during the whole day. The community itself got inspired, that it would be a waste, to put the torches into the drawer the whole day. We gave the product more meaning and, by the way, attracted a wider range of customers.