Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company NETFLIX London, UNITED KINGDOM
Advertising Agency WE ARE SOCIAL London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Position
James Seddon Social Media Manager
James Nester Creative Director
Graham Jenks Creative Director
Nick Hearne Senior Creative
Helen Simpson Senior Account Manager
Monica Presti Designer
Rory Mcclenaghan Copywriter
Chris Applegate Senior Creative Technologist
Alberto Gomez Back End Developer
Rohan Chambers Front End Developer

Creative Execution

People could use their Twitter account to sign in at to block out any potential spoiler threats, and carry on following their feeds without fear. A single tweet from Netflix UK was enough to spread news of Spoiler Foiler across the globe, generating a storm on social media and masses of positive press for Netflix. With no PR push whatsoever.

Engagement on that introductory tweet rocketed to 7% - that’s 500% higher than the industry average. Spoiler Foiler content on Facebook saw 2,000 times more engagement than the industry average. The Spoiler Foiler was so successful that we couldn’t stop there. Due to huge demand from Netflix customers, we expanded it to work for House Of Cards spoilers as well. We’ve already made social media safe for over 110,000 people and Spoiler Foiler’s work isn’t done yet.

TV consumption is changing; we now watch what we want, when we want. But with that freedom comes the risk of seeing irritating spoilers on social media before you’ve watched the latest episode of your favourite show. We targeted Twitter users who are watching the final season of Breaking Bad and when the hugely anticipated final episodes of Breaking Bad arrived on Netflix UK & Ireland, spoiler fear was rife. According to the The Drum, 17% of tweets relating to Breaking Bad were urging people not to post spoilers on the platform.We needed a solution which would turn spoiler fear into Netflix love. So we created the Spoiler Foiler, an app that made Twitter safe for Netflix customers by blacking out any tweets containing Breaking Bad spoilers.