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Category E01. SOCIAL VIDEO
Entrant Company TBWA\NEBOKO Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Advertising Agency TBWA\NEBOKO Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Production Company 25FPS Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Niels De Kuiper TBWA/NEBOKO Art Director
Sander Volleman TBWA/NEBOKO Copywriter
Anneke Bos TBWA/NEBOKO Client Services Director
Danielle Jonk TBWA/NEBOKO Account Director
Maurice Van Susante TBWA/NEBOKO Account Director
Arne Mosselman TBWA/NEBOKO Social Strategy Manager
Rosemarie Praaning TBWA/NEBOKO Agency Producer
Anne Van Weezel TBWA/NEBOKO Agency Producer
Diederik Van Rooijen 25FPS Director
Hanneke Kramer 25FPS Producer
Anouk Van Sprand 25FPS Producer
Lennert Hillege Lennert Hillege Dop Lighting Cameraman
The Ambassadors The Ambassadors Sound Studio
The Ambassadors The Ambassadors Grading
Stanley Kolk 25FPS Offline Editor Pr
Clipforce Clipforce Pr

Creative Execution

The SIRE ‘porn vid’ showed a very clichéd “pizza delivery boy” scenario. The scene featured a typical pizza delivery guy, a woman in a bathrobe and her ‘sister’ who just so happens to ‘love salami’. But just when the action is about to begin (“What if we pay you this way?”), the porn actors turn to the viewer. The way they deliver the public service announcement really makes an impact: Educate your children about sex, before we do. The actors then sit back and wait, giving viewers time to have a chat with their child.

Several Dutch adult website hosts helped us distribute our special SIRE ‘porn vid’ on major porn sites, where it soon caught the attention of hundreds of oblivious viewers. But it reached an even broader audience after the press picked it up. The fact that SIRE had produced a porn video soon caused a stir in the Dutch media, ranging from online news sites to leading newspapers and national TV. This raised awareness both online and offline and made the video a great way to introduce the campaign.

National public service organization SIRE wanted to raise awareness about children watching porn on the Internet. The aim is to encourage parents to educate their children about sex before Internet porn does. In order to maximize impact, we decided to launch the campaign in conjunction with a special video that was posted on actual adult websites. Starting off like a perfectly ‘normal’ porn video, it suddenly turned into a very unexpected – and very targeted – SIRE public service announcement. The message to viewers: their kids were likely to be exposed to these images too.