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Category A07. USE OF VIDEO
Advertising Agency WE ARE SOCIAL London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
James Nester We Are Social Creative Director
Graham Jenks We Are Social Creative Director
Nick Hearne We Are Social Senior Creative
Jenni Smit We Are Social Designer
Monica Presti We Are Social Designer
Steve Little We Are Social Copywriter
Deola Laniyan We Are Social Senior Account Director
Amy Hambridge We Are Social Account Director
Aurelien Fonteneau We Are Social Senior Account Manager
Emma Cockbill We Are Social Account Executive
Emily Hawes We Are Social Planner

Creative Execution

Twitter is awash with hashtags such as #fml and #firstworldproblems. evian sought to turn these frowns upside down through a tiny super hero, Amazing Baby, the manifestation of Spider-Man’s ‘Inner Child’. Amazing Baby used his Spider-Senses to find celebrities and influencers with problems to solve. Word of his deeds quickly spread and the social community started using #AmazingBabyRescueMe to send for help. Amazing Baby responded with tips and Vines to help people to find a Live Young solution to their dilemmas. Because Super heroes need to respond quickly, his average response time was just 10 minutes, even for personalised Vines.

People will always grumble, but amazing Baby did his bit to make social media a happier place: #AmazingBabyRescueMe was a super-success with a reach of 9.4 million Twitter users In 2 days he rescued 236 individuals with original, personalised content Our average Twitter response time was 10 minutes, compared to an industry average of 23.6 hours! Amazing Baby’s Vines clocked up over 26,000 loops on Vine All in a couple of day’s work for Amazing Baby - the little wonder of the web.

evian wanted to amplify its partnership with Sony Pictures Amazing Spider-Man 2. They were launching a TVC featuring Spider-Man’s ‘Inner Child’ alter ego Amazing Baby, and wanted to bring the character’s ‘Live young’ personality to life on social media. This would reinforce the evian brand values of youth and playfulness, while also generating buzz and conversation around their partnership. Superheros are known for saving the day. So what if evian’s own little super hero could turn people’s small problems on their head through fun and engaging ‘Live Young’ solutions. Using #AmazingBabyRescueMe Twitter users could call for help, no matter how trivial their problem. Amazing Baby took over the evian global Twitter account and swung to the rescue to solve any dilemma with the endearing wit you’d expect from a mini-super-hero.