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Category C02. MICROSITE
Entrant Company CLM BBDO Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE
Advertising Agency CLM BBDO Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE
Production Company WANDA PRODUCTIONS Saint-Denis La Plaine Cedex, FRANCE
Production Company 2 GROUEK Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Benjamin Marchal/Olivier Lefebvre/Matthieu Elkaim CLM BBDO Executive Creative Director
Eric Pierre CLM BBDO Creative Director
Charles Dessaux CLM BBDO Art Director/Copywriter
Emile Martin CLM BBDO Art Director/Copywriter
Cécile Pimont CLM BBDO Copywriter
Romain Bruneau CLM BBDO Account Manager
Thomas Laurent CLM BBDO Agency Producer
Muriel Garilli CLM BBDO Digital Producer
Damien Dupoux CLM BBDO Motion Designer
Lauren Weber CLM BBDO Pr
Ben Strebel WANDA Director
Perrine Schwartz WANDA Executive Producer
Julien Floutard WANDA Production Designer
Thomas Cornet WANDA Post Production
Jean Frédéric Passot WANDA DIGITAL/GROUEK Interactive Director
Romain Altain Aldea WANDA DIGITAL/GROUEK Executive Digital Producer
Swann Knani WANDA DIGITAL/GROUEK Lead Developer
Anthony Leblond THE Sound Design
Martin Sumeire THE Sound Design
Andeole Vu Dinh Ba CLM BBDO Account Executive

Creative Execution

We created an interactive video that made people experience their own drowning. A subjective POV movie realistically reproduced a drowning scenario, during which users had to scroll continuously to stay above the surface. During long minutes, scrolling was their only chance of survival, which generated a physical and psychological exhaustion. Quickly, tired of scrolling, users gave up and drowned, discovering the following message: At sea, you tire faster than you think. Whenever you go out to sea, wear your lifejacket. This realistic drowning scenario is based on testimonies, professional explanations and documentation, to provide the most immersive user experience.

Launched with a 0€ media plan, the experience instantly generated a massive buzz around the world. 1 Million unique visitors virtually drowned in the first 48 hours, 221 countries reached, 4’37” average connection time, 100K Facebook shares, +2150% traffic increase on Guy Cotten Fan page... The buzz was relayed by world's most prestigious magazines, newspapers, blogs and TV channels: The Huffington Post, New York Daily News, France 3, Le Monde, Creativity Online… (More than 1200 articles worldwide). Most of all, thousands of users commented and tweeted they would never neglect wearing their lifejacket anymore, praising the campaign’s strength and efficiency.

The operation aimed to raise awareness about the importance of wearing a lifejacket whenever out to sea, targeting a large audience, which was not only composed of people who merely enjoy water activities, but also of boating enthusiasts, and genuine professionals, in the hope of making lifejackets a natural reflex. Guy Cotten is a brand leader in marine clothing and safety equipment, whose quality is recognized and respected all over the world. Insight: Each year in France, too many people drown at sea because they neglect to wear a lifejacket. 43% of French people believe that because they can swim they do not need one. Relayed in many media, this operation strengthened Guy Cotten’s image as a pioneer in the field of maritime safety and reminded the target audience that at sea, there is no such thing as zero risk.