Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Entrant Company FORSMAN & BODENFORS Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Advertising Agency FORSMAN & BODENFORS Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Production Company FOLKE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Susanna Fagring Forsman Bodenfors Account Excecutive
Linda Tiderman Forsman Bodenfors Account Manager
Adam Ulvegärde Forsman/Bodenfors Art Director
Leo Magnusson Forsman Bodenfors Copywriter
Martin Joelsson Forsman/Bodenfors Designer
Tobias Nordström Forsman/Bodenfors Planner
Åsa Hammar Forsman Bodenfors Agency Producer
Chimney Pot Chimney Pot Post Production
Filip Nilsson Folke Film Director
Joi Persson Folke Film Producer
Christian Olsson Christian Olsson Music
Desirée Maurd Forsman/Bodenfors Pr

Creative Execution

The site acted as a viral hub from which visitors could send chocolate. If and when our main character, Martin Mannela, was in the kiosk. Banners encouraged people to visit the site to find out if the kiosk was open. If you were lucky enough to visit the viral kiosk at the same time as Martin was in it you could claim chocolate to send to a friend. The goal was to dispatch 14 000 tablets in three weeks. A goal reached after 3 days. The site had 450 000 page views, visitors spending in average 30 minutes.

The campaign site had 450 000 views in a week. 92 000 visitors spending in average 30 minutes on the site. 14 000 tablets were collected in 3 days (saying this the kiosk was only open during a very limited time each day). In a month tablets grew 6,8 % in the tablet category and Marabou as a brand grew 3,9 % in the chocolate category.

The communication concept, 'Spread some Mmm' is all about inspiring people to be more generous . In both big and small actions. Chocolate is well suited for these kind of actions. Our TV spot led the way, acting as an inspirer, stating example with a bigger gesture of generosity. The site was all about activating people to be more generous. Through the site, Marabou enabled people to send chocolate to friends . The target audience was drawn from both existing and new customers. We wanted to remind people of the value of small generous gestures and actions in daily life and enable them to take immediate actions. The kiosk and the story behind the northern family Mannela who received their own kiosk dramatised chocolate as the perect gift and the value of both small and big generous actions.