Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company FORSMAN & BODENFORS Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Advertising Agency FORSMAN & BODENFORS Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Maria Bergkvist Forsman/Bodenfors Account Supervisor
Nicole Van Rooij Ekström Forsman/Bodenfors Account Manager
Ted Mellström/Agnes Stenberg Schentz Forsman/Bodenfors Art Director
Marcus Hägglöf/Pontus Levahn Forsman/Bodenfors Copywriter
Viktor Brittsjö/Ellinor Bjarnolf Forsman/Bodenfors Designer
Helena Wård Forsman/Bodenfors Digital Producer
Johan Wingård Forsman/Bodenfors Interaction Designer
Désirée Maurd/Lina Thomsgård Forsman/Bodenfors Pr

Creative Execution

The Song Crossword radio program is all about solving mucic puzzles, and so was this campaign. But since we let the target audience create their own song crosswords, their friends were much more likely to interact and respond to the message. Music is also something very social. People talk about artists and new songs and share playlists with each other all the time. In other words, it's important for young people to know their music. In this campaign, we didn't only take advantage of that, but we let people show how much they know, and challange their friends.

After two months, 54,200 song crosswords had been solved, and the average user spent almost 7 minutes on the website. Not too bad, considering the campaign was aimed only at the Swedish market, and more specifically to young swedes.

The classic radio program The Song Crossword needed to attract a younger audience. The problem was that young people aren't really into radio stations anymore. So to succeed, we had to make song crosswords popular, in a way that's relevant for youngsters. So we made a website called The Song Crossword Factory, where you can create your own song crosswords and challenge your friends. Because a music quiz made by and sent from a friend, with the music that you like, will be much more effective to create awereness and interaction. The goal was to get people to create and share a song crossword, so that more people would visit the website, create a song crossword of their own, and share it to even more people, and so on. In the long run, we wanted to increase people's interest in The Song Crossword radio program.