Winners & Shortlists


Name Company Position
Johan Molin Falu Rödfärg Managing Director
Axel Wennhall Rippler Communications Executive Creative Director
Lina Ekros Rippler Communications Account Executive
Mikael Ehrlington Rippler Communications Planner
Andrea Dahlenius Rippler Communications Project Manager
Mathias Öhlander Lundberg@co Art Director
Karolina Israelsson Rippler Communications Social Media Executive
Madelene Rydman Rippler Communications Pr Executive
Therese Modin Rippler Communications Media Specialist
Johanna Näsholm Rippler Media Specialist
Gustav Nord Flip/Flop Interactive Film Producer
Nina Wahlberg Flip/Flop Interactive Film Co/Ordinator
Mats Rigglöv Extrude Web Designer
Emil Forsbom Extrude Web Designer
Dennis Söderström Extrude Web Designer
Tomas Andersson Lundberg@co Account Supervisor
Tom Karlsson Flip/Flop Interactive Film Editor

Creative Execution

We revived the project by gathering the key participants, signed a contract with the US Space Technology company Astrobotics and built our own crowdfunding platform. We used the platform as a hub for curated content and focusing on key elements such as visuals, films, press releases, Oculus VR, Instagram-competitions, ambassadors and a Kickstarter-project. All the communicative activities were executed according to a detailed plan. We set up a detailed launch plan to include a live press conference which made global headlines. All activities during the campaign were communicated through the hub and spread through social media channels, ambassadors and press.

REACH: 900+ millon people (featured in; Yahoo News, HuffingtonPost, The Guardian,, The Boston Globe, Gizmodo, The ShanDong Weekly, The Hindu, CnBeta, Cnet, Big Think, Dagens Nyheter, Brasil Post, NBC, Inquisitr etc) MEDIA VALUE: €33 million ROI: 2000% of a total budget of €160 000. The strength of a PR-led campaign using visuals and films in all channels made 95% of the coverage include the cover picture and 60% included the 6 minute video about the project embedded. But most importantly, the campaign set a new milestone in the history of Falu Rödfärg and moved the brand into the future.

In 2014, Falu Rödfärg, the original producer of the paint that coloured the famous swedish red cottage celebrates it’s 250-year anniversary. But how can a local anniversary make global headlines and take the brand 250 years into the future? In 2003, Swedish artist Mikael Genberg started his most daring project together with Swedens space elite – to put a red house on the moon. To make this happen - he turned to politicians and business leaders for help. However, by 2008 the world economy, and with it the project, hit a brick wall. Now in 2014 – the digital revolution has opened up new ways to spread and fund projects. Yet space remains only available to billionaires and states. So why not utilize this change to democratize space through The Moonhouse? Inspired by these new opportunities, Falu Rödfärg created a global crowdfunding campaign to revive The Moonhouse.