Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company GREAT APES Helsinki, FINLAND
Advertising Agency GREAT APES Helsinki, FINLAND
Advertising Agency 2 SEK & GREY Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Mikko Sairio Great Apes Lead Developer
Mikko Saario Great Apes Developer
Niko Sipilä Great Apes Art Director
Sami Blick Great Apes Developer
Mika Mäkinen Great Apes Illustrator
Constantin Freche Great Apes Designer
Sami Kelahaara SEK/GREY Art Director
Mikko Martikainen SEK/GREY Copywriter
Tanja Valo SEK/GREY Project Manager

Creative Execution

We did an initial prototype of different types or surface options based on the hexagon in a WebGL since a lot of the design of the site revolves around the hexagon shapes that define the Presidentti look. After this we designed and built a very easy-to-use design tool around the custom rendering algorithms. With the tool you can sculpt the surface, add decorations or upload an image that is converted into a 3D relief. A lot of effort was spent on making sure the designs were '3D printing friendly' and building a direct upload pipeline into Shapeways' shopping cart system.

Just after three weeks over 3.000 designs were made with around 60.000 unique visitors. The average time spent on site is not at 6:14 and in addition to Finland, designs have been made in Europe, US, Brazil, China and India. To our knowledge, this is the first time in the world that consumers can design their own branded product and thus Paulig has received a lot of positive feedback from the press and especially the 3D printing community. The campaign is still ongoing at the time of this (Craft) entry so no sales data is yet available.

Coffee house Paulig in co-operation with Shapeways wanted to let its consumers create their own beautifully crafted coffee containers. The brief called for an elegant and easy to use 3D design tool with that produced objects compatible with Shapeways 3D printing specs. Presidentti is a classic coffee brand originally launched almost a hundred years ago. While already a stable with the older generations in recent years Presidentti has targeted the younger more coffee savvy demographic. The idea was to harness peoples creativity, making anyone a product designer while still keeping the designed products branded. Mass customization and emerging technologies such as 3D printing help to differentiate Presidentti from competing coffee brands in their market segment.