Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company LETO ARK GROUP Moscow, RUSSIA
Advertising Agency LETO ARK GROUP Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Sergey Doroshko Leto Agency Managing Director
Vitaly Shirokov Leto Agency Digital Production Director
Ilya Provkin Leto Agency Creative Group Head
Dmitry Konahovsky Leto Agency Art Director
Dayana Badmaeva ARK CONNECT Group Account Director
Aleksndr Savkevich ARK CONNECT Account Director

Creative Execution

The E-Motion device is installed inside the Mercedes me café in the heart of Moscow. A camera captures the faces of the guests, and a software analyzes their personality based on their facial expressions, and suggests a unique car model for each one of them. Guests use interactive terminals to edit the details of the car, locate the nearest dealership and book a test drive right on the spot. In the real time on the biggest interactive screen a live feed shows user generated content with a hashtag #mercedesmecafe to provide our guests an immersive experience.

After the first month: 2.435 people experienced “The E-Motion” device, 328 test drive bookings. Over $100,000 in earned media. Creative Effectiveness The idea plays with the individualism of a new generation of consumers in Russia - where people are looking for products that express their personal characteristics, that were suppressed during the soviet period.It is appropriated to the brand because it shows, in a clear and entertaining way, that Mercedes has a car for every different kind of people. Also, because of its technological approach, the idea links the brand with innovation, that helps to overcome the old image of Mercedes in Russian market - once perceived as boring and conservative brand for old people.

Insight For almost 70 years, Russians could not express their individuality. But after the fall of the soviet regime, there was a rush to make up for lost time and strive for individuality expression. The Audience Enemerging, dynamic consumer in Russia: independent, connected, ready to express their individuality. The Task & Strategy Give a new & fresh perception of Mercedes-Benz as an innovative & technological brand by connecting with this new audience, showing them that Mercedes-Benz offers car models that fit their personal choices and individuality. The Idea THE E-MOTION EXPERIENCE: “Decoding people’s personality to find them the perfect Mercedes-Benz” We created an immersive brand experience at the Mercedes me café, in the heart of Moscow: the “E-Motion” device employs technology that analyzes the personality of each guest based on their facial expressions, suggesting a unique car model.