Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company NETEYE Hamburg, GERMANY
Advertising Agency NETEYE Hamburg, GERMANY
Media Agency OMD Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Karoline Hagen Robert Bosch Gmbh Corporate Communications Brand Management And Marketing Communication
Tobias Flosdorf NETEYE Management Supervisor
Stefan Roest NETEYE Creative Director
Mirko Gluschke NETEYE Creative Director
Florian Bredl NETEYE Senior Art Director
Nicolai Müller NETEYE Junior Art Director
Janna Brundirs NETEYE Copywriter
Tim Heller NETEYE Copywriter
Arne Habermann NETEYE Concept
Manfred Heider NETEYE Concept
Anna Hebbeln NETEYE Project Manager
Tobias Volmer NETEYE Project Manager
Sven/Kenan Haus NETEYE Project Manager

Creative Execution

After we had selected six “Bosch Explorers” in a worldwide casting call via Google Hangouts, the storymaking started with the journey. In a live stream and in each of the Explorer’s social media channels, the entire world was able to follow this one-of-a-kind trip as the Explorers shared every aspect of their experience. Countless Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram pictures and other types of content hit all sorts of international social networks –even China’s Weibo! With every content snippet shared, followers were able to experience up-close –and directly through the Explorers’ smartphones –what life is like behind the scenes at Bosch.

3.4 million visits to the international website resulted in more than 50,000 applications. Social media reactions were enormous. On Twitter alone 30 million people saw the campaign tweets and people engaged with Facebook posts 10 million times. The campaign generated 2.5 billion online impressions, each of which helped confirm in the minds of users that Bosch is more than power tools and refrigerators. On top of it all, fascination for the brand grew from 72% to 82% in China alone and the perception of Bosch as a young brand increased by 11 percentage points.

Bosch, a highly innovative company, is involved in truly awe-inspiring, international projects. Unfortunately, this is a little known fact. Our goal was to strengthen the perception of Bosch as a forward-thinking and technologically innovative brand. Our main target group were millennials – young people who grew up with the internet and the constant influx of product innovations. They neither know the history behind Bosch, nor do they have a personal connection to the brand. However, personal connections to their peers are very important, and they follow their life stories at every turn on social media. Knowing this, we decided to leave the methods of classical storytelling behind and instead make a real story happen. This way we could present our Explorers’ experience directly to the target group and let them follow along as they do with their peers. We created the “Bosch World Experience 2014” – an extraordinary trip around the world.