Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company CHEIL GERMANY Schwalbach, GERMANY
Advertising Agency CHEIL GERMANY Schwalbach, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Dr. Clemens Lango Cheil Germany Gmbh Head Of User Design Experience
Sven Lohwasser Cheil Germany Gmbh Account Service Director
Roland Rudolf Cheil Germany Gmbh Chief Creative Officer
Lars Backes Cheil Germany Gmbh Head Of Digital Strategy
Ertekin Özcelik Cheil Germany Gmbh Senior Art Director
Sascha Kirpal Cheil Germany Gmbh Senior Conceptual Designer
Thomas Smuda Cheil Germany Gmbh Content Designer
Frank Neuhaus Cheil Germany Gmbh Client Service Director
Laura Müller Cheil Germany Gmbh Project Manager
Sung Chan Ra Cheil Germany Gmbh Regional Head
Volker Selle Cheil Germany Gmbh Chief Executive Officer
Kyung Mo Lee Cheil Germany Gmbh Chief Financial Officer

Creative Execution

Qixxit integrates all means of transport and connects them on one platform – train, bus, tram, subway, city train, long-distance bus, rental-car, taxi, car-sharing, bike-sharing, car, bike, footway and plane. Despite the broad functionality and immense amount of data to be presented the groundbreaking user interface of Qixxit enables everyone to compare connection alternatives at a glance and to book the preferred trip. En route the user is guided by the app, gets realtime information on progress, changes and delays. The innovative representational model is consistent across mobile, tablet and desktop. It allows superior usability and a delightful user experience.

Qixxit is a digital innovation which defines an absolute new product category. There is nothing comparable on the market. Right from the start Qixxit generated a stunning number of app downloads and received enthusiastic press coverage, feedback of users, portals and blogs. Deutsche Bahn positions itself as a progressive player in the world of today’s mobility. Sometimes the experience of a service has a stronger impact than a classic communicative campaign. So Qixxit is not only a digital product to make our lives easier – it is also a brand statement.

Mobility needs are changing. People have access to an increasing number of diverse means of transportation. Deutsche Bahn wants to be a first mover in empowering customers to handle the challenges arising with the options in modern mobility. The essence of mobility is being on the go. Choice between dozens of means of transport means complexity for users. People need a service that supports them in easily finding the best means of transport for their situative mobility need. It has to permanently accompany them. Qixxit is a mobile-centered service supporting users with their choice of means of transport never leaving them alone on the go is what makes it indispensable for them. Deutsche Bahn positions itself on the field of modern mobility. Our target audience are “Urban Executives” (cost-aware employees having to get to their destinations rapidly and on schedule) and “Urban Greenovators” (townspeople frequently choosing public means of transport).