Winners & Shortlists


Category C02. MICROSITE
Entrant Company ORD&BILD Karlstad, SWEDEN
Advertising Agency ORD&BILD Karlstad, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Per Andersson Ord/Bild Account Manager
Niclas Fors Ord/Bild Creative Director
Åsa Klarén Ord/Bild Art Director
Rolf Harju Ord/Bild Copywriter
Mikael Nilsson Ord/Bild Interactive Designer
John Svensson Ord/Bild Web Developer
Stefan Ledin Ord/Bild Web Developer
Fredrik Nilsson Ord/Bild Designer/Front/End Developer
Mattias Wahlberg Ord/Bild Graphic Designer
Malin Lundquist Ord/Bild Production Manager
Mikael Jansson Ord/Bild Designer
Christian Edwertz Ord/Bild Digital Strategist
Jenny Lundell Lindahls Marketing Manager

Creative Execution

As far as we know, this was the first campaign using RunKeeper connect. After getting approval from RunKeeper, about using there API, we lunched the campaign using PR, Facebook and banner ads.

– More than 50 000 swedes visited the campaign site – Social media reach + 1 000 000

Quark is a dairy product, rich in protein but low in callories making it the perfect snack for people who are serious about there exercise. The insight was that our target audience (athletic consumers) always are up for a challenge. Based on that insight our strategy was to build our campaign on a challenge that could engage our target audience in a relevant way. The idea was a campaign rewarding those who work for it. Literally. Using there RunKeeper account participants logged in to the campain site ”The Payback” to receve a gift certificate for some free quark. The more logged workout sessions they had from the last week, the more quark they received.