Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company SEK & GREY Helsinki, FINLAND
Advertising Agency SEK & GREY Helsinki, FINLAND
Advertising Agency 2 GREAT APES Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Sami Kelahaara SEK/GREY Art Director
Mikko Martikainen SEK/GREY Copywriter
Valo Tanja SEK/GREY Project Director
Jari Aalto/Setälä SEK/GREY Brand Development Director
Tanja Antikainen SEK/GREY Brand Producer
Roope Nevander SEK/GREY Planner
Jari Ullakko SEK/GREY Creative Director
Mikko Sairio Great Apes Ltd Lead Developer
Mikko Saario Great Apes Ltd Developer
Niko Sipilä Great Apes Ltd Art Director
Sami Blick Great Apes Ltd Developer
Mika Mäkinen Great Apes Ltd Illustrator
Constantin Freche Great Apes Ltd Designer
Minna Pinola SEK Public Account Director/Planner
Jenny Paulamäki SEK Public Communications Consultant
Susanna Virkkula Toinenphd Planner
Mikko Peltomäki Toinenphd Marketing Architect
Laura Hedman Toinenphd Producer
Vesa Pesonen My Brother Houdini 3d Illustrator
Henrik Rydberg Shapeways Director Of User Experience

Creative Execution

The online design tool was crafted to serve both beginners and enthusiastic designers using the advanced WebGL technique. The engineering and design of the tool were developed to make the best possible impression on our app savvy, “seen it all” target audience. For seeding, we invited bloggers and designers to create and share their own designs. Then we launched the project for the press and introduced it in own online channels. The online campaign and digital code on coffee packs drove traffic to the design tool.

Being you own designer really inspired our target audience: The average time spent on site is 6:14. After three weeks, there have been over 53.000 unique visitors and over 3000 unique designs have been created. In addition to Finland, designs have been made around the world in Europe, US, Brazil, China and India. To our knowledge, this is the first time in the world consumers have been able to design their own branded product. This 3D design and printing project has given the Finnish Coffee House Paulig a head start to utilize mass customization.

Presidentti has been the most prestigious coffee brand in Finland since 1929. For generations it's been known as a coffee for festive occasions. Our challenge was to make Presidentti appealing for a younger, coffee savvy generation. Instead of trying to convince them with advertising, we decided to create something they haven’t seen before. We introduced the Presidentti 3D Coffee Box that lets anyone design their own custom-made coffee container online and have it sent to their homes as a 3D printed product. Now everyone can be a designer. The tool is easy to use and 3D printing brings their unique designs to life.