Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company R/GA London, UNITED KINGDOM
Advertising Agency R/GA London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Remi Abayomi R/GA London Group Account Director
Ricardo Amorim R/GA London Associate Creative Director
Pete Jupp R/GA London Design Director
Phil Hawksworth R/GA London Technical Director
Sam Clohesy R/GA London Executive Producer
Lachlan Williams R/GA London Senior Planner
Scott Shaw R/GA London Experience Design Director
Clara Tudela R/GA London Senior Visual Designer
Luke Wicker R/GA London Copywriter
Wilf Eddings R/GA London Visual Designer
Craig Mandel R/GA London Associate Creative Director
Andy Shora R/GA London Senior Open Standards Developer
Pedro Duarte R/GA London Front End Developer
Razvan Pavel R/GA London Open Standards Developer
Tessa Hewson R/GA London Associate Creative Director
Harmesh Chauhan R/GA London Senior Experience Designer
Alfredo Aguirre R/GA London Senior Software Engineer
Brian Hurewitz R/GA London Senior Designer
Darian Moody R/GA London Senior Software Engineer

Creative Execution

We worked to establish a visual approach that would humanise the data and provide an editorial approach that could do justice to all stories we found in the search data. We built an illustration style and toolkit that we felt allowed for flexibility and speed, whilst staying true to Google’s design principles and allowing for an original design in each piece of content. Alongside this, a mobile-first website was designed to house the illustrated Trends alongside offering fans a deeper look at the search trends around every match. The Trends celebrated the styles of each World Cup nation with as much vibrancy as the tournament itself, meaning that they stood out in the social feeds of users.

Around 1000 Trends went out across the world, earning just over 3.4 billion impressions. Media, brands and players weren’t just sharing our insights with their audience, they were requesting their own. The campaign content also earned 4x more Retweets per post on the global @Google twitter than at any other point in 2014. Establishing the Google Trends product as a powerful source of insight into popular culture that will live on beyond the World Cup.

We were asked to grow brand-love by connecting Google with people’s passions around the World Cup. A space they don’t normally have a role in. We were tasked with designing and building a website that stayed true to the Google style and functionalities whilst creating content that felt relevant interests of the fans involved in this global event. The World Cup is all about vibrancy and celebration – we were tasked with bringing this into the content that we would produce. Google didn't have a place in football conversations – nor was it an official sponsor – so the design of the content and the experience itself had to provide dedicated and casual fans with content they wanted to share. Each piece had to humanize the data whilst feeling like only something Google could do.