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Category C01. WEBSITE
Entrant Company R/GA London, UNITED KINGDOM
Advertising Agency R/GA London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Adrian Olaru R/GA London Senior Open Standards Developer
Andrei Brebulet R/GA London Quality Assurance Engineer
Beth Brigden R/GA London Senior Producer
Brenda Mccarthy R/GA London Executive Producer
Clara Tudela R/GA London Visual Designer
Dom Geargeoura R/GA London Senior Open Standards Developer
Gabriel Dobritescu R/GA London Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
Gabriel Totoliciu R/GA London Open Standards Developer
Ilia Uvarov R/GA London Creative Director
James Temple/George Prest R/GA London Vp/Executive Creative Director
Liz Jarvis R/GA London Group Account Director
Ludvig Sandstrom R/GA London Associate Experience Designer
Mihnea Belcin R/GA London Open Standards Developer
Mircea Georgescu R/GA London Open Standards Developer
Phil Hawksworth R/GA London Technical Director
Razvan Pavel R/GA London Open Standards Developer
Richard Baxter R/GA London Design Director
Simone Cucchi R/GA London Visual Designer
Stuart Tayler R/GA London Experience Design Director

Creative Execution

The new experience was promoted primarily through earned and owned channels – via direct-to-consumer SMS, social media, industry publications, at Turkcell events and the Apple App store.

Turkcell customers have fully embraced the new solution. Every single metric has increased by a substantial margin. Mobile and tablet traffic increased by 200%, online transactions increased by 100%, device sales increased by 200%. The mobile app has become an immediate hit reaching a top spot in the App Store (second only to the Google App).

Based in Istanbul, Turkcell is the largest mobile phone company in Turkey. Turkcell needed a world-class solution to provide the best utilities, entertainment and innovation to its 35 million subscribers. The ambition was to make the relationship between a customer and its carrier more rewarding and, ultimately, more human. The ask was to develop a brand system that would unify the presentation and behaviour of products, services and platforms via a signature UI framework that would encourage consistency and flexibility ensuring One Turkcell is always a fun and elegant user experience.