Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Entrant Company R/GA London, UNITED KINGDOM
Advertising Agency R/GA London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
James Temple R/GA London Vp/Md/Executive Creative Director/R/Ga London
Matt Lodder R/GA London Vp/Managing Director
George Prest R/GA London Vp/Executive Creative Director
Chris Williams R/GA London Creative Director
Ross Landles R/GA London Group Account Director
John Paul Toher R/GA London Senior Producer
Sam Clohesy R/GA London Executive Producer
Paul Carvill R/GA London Technical Director
Danny Lee R/GA London Senior Software Engineer/Solutions Architect
Pedro Duarte R/GA London Open Standards Developer
John Wilson R/GA London Group Account Director
Pete Jupp R/GA London Design Director
Yuriy Starikov R/GA London Senior Visual Designers
Bradie Tippets R/GA London Junior Copywriter
Kaihaan Jamshidi R/GA London Planning Director
Stephen Spencer R/GA London Senior Planner
Alex Wills R/GA London Group Director/Content Studio
Mihnea Belcin R/GA London Open Standards Developer
Elisabetta Viggiani R/GA London Producer
Natalie Smith R/GA London Senior Content Strategist

Creative Execution

We created a unique algorithm that listens to social activity, such as tweets, check-ins and photos across Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare, analyzing trends, matching them to user’s locations. This allows the service to automatically give users recommendations that show where’s hot, to help them decide where next to go in real-time. It's seamlessly integrated with Twitter, so users are just one tweet away from knowing where to go next on a night out. It works in multiple languages and is available globally. For those of you who don’t tweet, we provided a real-time heat map - mobile responsive website.

@wherenext has not long launched therefore available results are limited. • Worldwide press coverage and acclaim – from GQ Magazine to the Huff Post and AdWeek • Over 14,000 visits to the service since launch • @wherenext has received 13,060 mentions on social media since launch with an 80% positive sentiment • Shifted the Heineken brand from beverage sector into the tech and social innovation space

@wherenext is a Twitter-based service that uses real-time social activity, to show people the best restaurants, cafés and bars near them, so they can decide where to go out next. By simply tweeting @wherenext along with their location, our service replies with a list of recommendations to make sure you never miss out on a great experience just around the corner. We’ve not built an Android or iPhone app, so it doesn’t need to be downloaded from an app store, and you don’t need to sign up or subscribe to this service.