Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceGOOGLE MAPS
Entrant Company HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Advertising Agency HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Production Company ARTIFICIAL ROME Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Guido Heffels Heimat/Berlin Chief Creative Officer
Kai Heuser Heimat/Berlin Creative Director
Gün Aydemir Heimat/Berlin Creative Director
Kenzi Benabdallah Heimat/Berlin Art Director
Hester Haars Heimat/Berlin Art Director
Matei Curtasu Heimat/Berlin Copywriter
Stefan Wittemann Heimat/Berlin Art Director
Janine Gollub Heimat/Berlin Social Media Concept
Astrid Schiffel Heimat/Berlin Account Director
Cansu Özata Heimat/Berlin Project Manager
Julia Zimmermann Heimat/Berlin Project Manager
Alexander Welzenbach Heimat/Berlin Project Manager
Sven Koesling Heimat/Berlin Strategy

Creative Execution

The platform recognizes a persons exact position and, with one single click, led them with Google Maps to hidden green oases in the neighbourhood. On mobile devices the escape plan offered a large array of different discoveries which you could swipe through until you found the perfect match. With a localized out of home campaign we inspired people in the most built-up areas. The Urban Escape Plan platform was also placed directly into targeted banners. The banners detect the user’s location and allow one to discover one’s personal escape plan in the banner itself, without having to leave the page.

Blogs and newspapers all over Germany picked up on the initiative and got their readers thinking about escaping into the green and making the most of the warm weather. From massive national media down to small local newspapers and town newsletters - journalists and readers started sharing their favorite tips and secret green hideaways. The initiative increased the website traffic by 1,3 million visits with each user spending an average of 59 seconds on the platform. The banners had an exceptional interaction rate of 11%. Positioning Google Maps as the ultimate navigation tool and companion to make the most out of the best time of the year - to get out of the grey and into the green.

Google Maps is the ultimate tool for finding everything that you need in the world around you – from streets, shops, hotels, restaurants, to pharmacies, theaters, gas stations and more. But after a long hard winter, Google Maps set out to help German urbanities find what they needed the most: green. An escape plan out of the concrete jungle, it’s to crowded parks or full-to-the-brim swimming pools. The Urban Escape Plan is a hyper-localized promotional idea that provided personalized escape plans leading people to nearby green spaces across the country.