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Product/Service4G NETWORK
Entrant Company RED Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency RED Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Christian Verger Red President
Olivier Despres Red Deputy Director General
Elie Trotignon Red Creative Director
Mathieu Dubray Red Art Director
Tanguy Galllis Red Copywriter
Romain Delga Red Account Director

Creative Execution

The web platform provided the opportunity to take remote control of a telephone installed in a studio with 4G coverage. A touch robot was tasked with operating the telephone and executing the actions ordered remotely by web users. The whole event was filmed and streamed. The interface allowed users to make custom commands from among the most common actions on the mobile web (route search, video display, speed test etc.) to assess the speed and ease of use provided by 4G.

The 360° device had a significant impact around the event: •- The concert was seen live by more than 5000 people with another 700 000 streaming it live online -• The public interacted with our robots more than 1 000 000 times on the web platform and discovered the power of the SFR 4G network •- Even the Mayor of Paris and the Minister of the digital economy tested the '4G Robot' experience -• The project received a lot of media attention and was featured in articles and stories all over France. - Thanks to our robots, 4G finally got the French welcome it deserved.

On 21 September, SFR launched 4G in Paris. 2 goals: •- To draw attention to SFR by adopting of a customer-centred approach, instead of the quantitative and theoretical approach followed by the competition. -• To position SFR as the operator at the cutting edge of innovation The insight: 4G, I would only believe in it if I could test it! The idea was to allow all consumers, regardless of their location, to test the 4G network, despite limited national coverage. The solution: To enable the whole French population to test 4G remotely by taking control of a telephone through a robot driven from a web platform. On the occasion of this launch, the Grand Palais hosted 'SFR 4G Live Night'. 5000 Spectators attended the 1st electro set mixed remotely - by the DJ Vitalic using a smartphone to operate 4 robots installed onstage. The event was broadcast live on the web and was included in a viral video. The goal was to illustrate the immediacy of the 4G network.