Winners & Shortlists


Category C02. MICROSITE
Entrant Company PUBLICIS MODEM Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency PUBLICIS MODEM Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Nicolas Zunz Publicis Modem President
Michel Duval Publicis Modem Creative Director
Anne Dimier Vallet Publicis Modem Strategic Planning Director
Matthieu Faure Publicis Modem Executive Director
Thierry Bronchart Publicis Modem Art Director
Jean Louis Zuber Publicis Modem Copywriter
Julien Rault Publicis Modem Interactive Technologies Director
Olivier Quiviger Publicis Modem Account Director
Chrystelle Touma Publicis Modem Project Director
Valentine Rampon Publicis Modem Project Manager
Antoine Ughetto Make Me Pulse Technical Director
Nicolas Najabaly Make Me Pulse Production Director

Creative Execution

We built this experience on a dedicated website and decided to use WebGL technology like the web has never done before. In order to fully traduce the sensations that Ô Green tea offers and the magical touch of SPECIAL.T, we force ourselves with 4 main constraints: - The freedom of movement, - An endless wander, - A audio-visual interactive experience, - A beautiful graphic finishing.

In 3 weeks after launch: - 87% of the stock of Ô Green tea capsules were sold (12% more than the previous Limited Edition best seller) - 2 800 000 visits on Ô Green mini-website - +30% of visits on e-shop website vs. 2013 Spring Limited Edition (same period) > A WebGL experience strongly appreciated on social networks by the webdesign community over the world (even from countries which were not targeted: USA, Russia, Australia, UK,...) > Ô Green website has already been FWA Site Of The Day and Site of the Week, and Awwwards Site Of The Day

SPECIAL.T by Nestle is a unique and premium tea system (tea pods + tea machine) dedicated to provide the best cup of tea for each of the variety it offers. The brief was to promote the new Spring Limited Edition tea: Ô Green, a Japanese green tea from Kagoshima flavored with green apple and cucumber. An unexpected, exquisite & innovative blend! But SPECIAL.T is exclusively sold online, so consumers are not able to touch our teas, smell them… How can we share the experience of just how refreshing this delicious tea is… through a computer screen? - Let’s create a purely sensorial universe to illustrate the unique recipe and the sensations/benefits: freshness & Zen moment → A magical subaquatic Japanese Zen garden. - Let’s dive consumers into this magical & sensorial world thanks to an online interactive experience!