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Entrant Company STRG.DK Hamburg, GERMANY
Advertising Agency STRG.DK Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Martin Stasun Art Director
Johannes Gemürr Junior Art Director
Pepe Wietholz Executive Creative Director
David Aguirre Creative Director
Michael Schlykow Project Director
Christian Heinsohn Lead Developer
Christian Kochbeck Account Manager
Helen Förster Project Manager
Bettina Goerendt Mobilcom Debitel Brand Manager
Lars Wöhrmann Mobilcom Debitel Brand Manager

Creative Execution

The biggest challenge for our designers was to combine modern technology like LED boards with retro components like a jukebox and neon lights and bring it all together on a microsite and at the offline event. A completely restored and digitalised jukebox from 1992 provides the basis and central idea for the TweetDisco. The communicative and technical core of the machine is a RaspberryPi, which cares for communication between the analogue technology from the 90s and the twitter API. Through a specially developed interface, signals can be exchanged between jukebox and backend.

During the first TweetDisco event we generated over 1.000 tweets and a digital reach of more than 120.000 Twitter users. The jukebox is the perfect tool to generate positive buzz, reaching friends and followers of the attending people.

The brief of mobilcom-debitel, one of Germany's mobile-communication companies was to find a connection between digital lifestyle and offline events, with the aim of approaching digital natives. On most parties, the DJ is in control of the music and therefore the vibes at a party. We wanted to know, what would happen, if the party guests were in charge of the music, giving them the opportunity to pick songs out of a limited selection using their smartphones. We modified a jukebox from 1992 with a RaspberryPi, connected it to the Twitter-API and created a Twitter account for the jukebox, via which the machine was able to communicate with the people. After requesting a song via Twitter, the jukebox adds it to the playlist and informs the party guests about who was the one who picked it. On a microsite the playlist is visible, just like hitlists and a social stream.