Winners & Shortlists


Category C02. MICROSITE
Entrant Company GREAT WORKS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Advertising Agency GREAT WORKS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production Company STATE INTERACTIVE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Emmeli Österdahl Great Works Creative Director
Marcus Wallander Great Works Creative
Kenna Magnusson Great Works Creative
Jacob Odqvist Great Works Account Director
Daniel Skantze Great Works Head Of Tech Creatives
Oliver Martin Henriquez Great Works Film Producer
Kaj Bouic Great Works Planner
Anna Tanser Great Works Producer
Nasim Kabiri Great Works Producer
Niklas Karlsson State Interactive Creative Director/Designer
Henrik Gånheim State Interactive Technical Director/Developer
Mathias Petersen State Interactive Creative Technologist/Developer
Guilaume Lanier State Interactive Developer
Yafei Wu Important Looking Pirates Vfx Supervisor
Jan Cafourek Important Looking Pirates Vfx Producer
Daniel Rådén Important Looking Pirates 3d Artist
Tobias Norman Red Pipe Sound Design And Mix
Anders Brandén Apear Music Composer
Henrik Lethagen Samsung Electronics Nordic AB Marketing Manager

Creative Execution

Enter the gates of Coliseum and get surrounded by a full blown battle. By pairing your smartphone or tablet with your computer, you are able to extend your computer's screen and explore 180 degrees of the Coliseum to be able to unlock all of the hidden events. Take part of all the action around you such as spears flying, combating gladiators, prancing horses and even a guy with a foam hand.

The objects were set to reach the early adopters who are into new technologies. And during the campaign period, users spent approximately on average 1,5 minutes on the website, and had 91 000 viewers from 117 countries participating in the experience.

The evolution of the TV has always been quite difficult to demonstrate. How do you show colors on a black and white television set or HD on a standard TV format? To show what the new curved UHD TV would feel like, one would need to experience it. And since this was a brand new product on the market, we decided to target the early adopters and the tech interested people. By having the computer’s screen extended through a mobile device, we were able to simulate the TV’s new shape, and in the end, get a truly immersive experience. This was done using only web browser technology (WebGL and HTML5).