Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Category C02. MICROSITE
Entrant Company BETC Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency BETC DIGITAL Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Stephane Xiberras BETC Executive Creative Director
Ivan Beczkowski BETC Digital Executive Creative Director
Christophe Clapier BETC Digital Digital Creative Director
Julien Derreveaux BETC Digital Art Director
Loris Cormoreche BETC Digital Art Director
Hugo Thomas BETC Digital Art Director
Adrien Heron BETC Digital Copywriter
Thibault Dargeou BETC Digital Technology
Frederic Petitpont BETC Digital Technology
Nicolas Barradeau Lead Developer
Abder Zeghoud BETC Development
Jerome Birembaut BETC Development
LGM Sound Design
Xavier Blairon/Eugénie Valletoux/Thibault Cuisiniez BETC Digital Agency Management
Geoffroy Sardin/Guillaume Carmona/Lionel Hiller Ubisoft Brand Management

Creative Execution

WeareData was its own media as it was a real innovative breakthrough. It is the first website to gather available data about Paris, London and Berlin. WeareData features real data about cities (borough statistics, electricity consumption…) and their equipment (subway trains, CCTV locations, internet relays…). But also about people and their everyday lives : tweets, Instagram and Flickr pictures, Foursquare checkings… .

The website got 1 000 000 visits. More than 3000 tweets in the first 2 days, 1 tweet every 3 minutes, hundreds of articles in general and specialized press everywhere in the world including countries that were not targeted in the initial EMEA scope of markets. 3,8 millions of items and 1,1 millions of social publications consulted on Wearedata. A success that contributed to the awareness of Watch_dogs for a wide audience, beyond the gamers, and to create a strong event to launch the communication timeline and the pre-order sales.

Watch_dogs is the latest game from Ubisoft. The ambition is to make it one of the biggest brands in the video games category. To do so, the objective of our campaign was to do a massive breakthrough, early in the year of the launch, and to widen the reach of Watch_dogs beyond the community of gamers. Hyperconnectivity is the central theme of the game but also a major issue of our era. Everybody is aware of the big data around us but nobody really knows what power lies under what we’re creating everyday just by making a phone call. Making it a public topic was a way to plunge people into the context of the game and to touch a wider audience, beyond the community of gamers.