Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceRCZ R
Entrant Company BETC Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency BETC DIGITAL Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Ivan Beczkowski BETC Digital Executive Creative Director
Vincent Behaeghel BETC Creative Director
Frederic Sounillac BETC Digital Creative Director
Sylvain Paradis BETC Digital Art Director
Damien Paris BETC Digital Art Director
Romain Pergeaux BETC Copywriter
Thibault Dargeou BETC Digital Technology
Alain Nguyen/Evana Canales BETC Digital Technical Consultants
Sylvain Tran BETC Digital Development
60 FPS Development
LGM Sound Design
Yan Blary 3d
Marc Rodriguez Motion Design
Xavier Blairon/Florian Cuminal/Gabrielle De La Forest BETC Digital Agency Management
Thierry Lonziano/Sophie Ropars/Caroline Doye Furstoss/Olivier Petit Peugeot Brand Management

Creative Execution

The campaign was a multi-device platform: the desktop version allowed us to create an immersive experience, however of course mobile/tablet version was essential to us because most of the Twitter daily use happens on mobile. We wanted an answer for this mobile use, and a very specific race taking into account the device problematic of screen dimensions, video compatibility and typing constrains.

• 152,129 visitors: 30% from mobile or tablet • 12, 038 Tweets mentioning "RCZRace" • 29, 810 races • 10% of visitors driven to the RCZR online showroom Please note that RCZ R buyers are very few and that it is a substantial buying process. This is therefore hard to define the commercial impact on sales (RCZ, RCZ R or any Peugeot car). However according to the audience reactions, the campaign participated in a very qualitative branded image for Peugeot: they were surprised and excited by the idea and its realisation.

Advertise Peugeot's fastest car ever, the New Peugeot RCZ R: a 270 horsepower rocket that can go from 0 to 100 kph in less than 8 seconds. To bring proofs of the high engine performance through a fun and addictive video game that allowed us to bring Peugeot to the advertainement field, target new audiences demonstrating than they can rely on Peugeot's innovative experience, and also benefit from the innovative and technological knowhow of Twitter. If the car can go from 0 to 140 kph in 11 seconds, can our audience write a tweet of 140 characters in less time? We created the first virtual race made of Twitter Connect, race gaming assets and testosterone: to win the RCZRace, players have to rewrite one of the fifteen 140 character tweets faster than it takes for the new Peugeot RCZ R to get to 140 kph.