Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company SENIORHYPER Bucharest, ROMANIA
Advertising Agency SENIORHYPER Bucharest, ROMANIA
Media Agency INITIATIVE Bucharest, ROMANIA
Name Company Position
Vasile Alboiu SENIORHYPER Creative Director
Alin Marghidanu SENIORHYPER Group Creative Director
Miruna Dumitrescu SENIORHYPER Copywriter
Vlad Emandi SENIORHYPER Flash Designer
Madalina Barbu SENIORHYPER Senior Account Manager
Nicoleta Stnaciu SENIORHYPER Account Manager
Marina Encica SENIORHYPER Account Executive
Ionut Ciubotariu SENIORHYPER Director Of Opperations
Alexandru Hertog SENIORHYPER Project Manager
Catalin Ungureanu SENIORHYPER It Specialist
Stefan Zibilianu SENIORHYPER Php Developer
Emil Gheorghe SENIORHYPER Action Script Developer
Traian Onicel SENIORHYPER Senior Software Developer
Alina Griuanu Initiative Media Head Of Unit
Alexandru Miu Initiative Media Senior Ooh Manager
Mirela Bosoi Orange Head Of Brand/Communication
Flavia Cozma Orange Online Communication Specialist
Crina Tenovici Orange Head Of Data/B2b Communication
Dragoș Huian Orange Event Specialist
Anca Stancov Orange Head Of Media

Creative Execution

For The Greatest Penalty Kick we combined digital technology, the 4G high speed internet and real football equipment. We created a Kinect installation in one city and synchronized it with a soccer throwing robot in another one, 700 Km away. This way a player from the first city was shooting the ball and the goalkeeper in the other was instantly trying to save it. It was Mamaia vs. Bucharest. Real action, real time.

The Greatest Penalty Kick gathered more than 7000 ad hoc football players in the two participant cities, shooting over 3500 penalties. In the two weeks of activations, there were more than 25 000 viewers on the spot and, with 0 media budget, we got free exposure on TV and Radio of approx. 50 000 Euro.

In 2014 Orange launched 4G, the latest generation of mobile telecommunication technology. Our task was to create an activation that proves that Orange 4G means instant internet access and ultra-fast data transfer. In a year when everybody was speaking about football and FIFA World Cup, we created an activation that changed the rules of the game. We invented “long-distance football”. From one city to another, with a real ball and real players. And Orange 4G ultra fast data transfer was no longer just a statement, but a fun and entertaining reality.