Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company SMFB Oslo, NORWAY
Advertising Agency SMFB Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Eirik Stensrud Smfb Creative
Thomas Askim Smfb Creative
Kristian Kristiansen Smfb Account Director
Christoffer Lorang Dahl Smfb Digital Producer
Silje Hvideberg Tobiassen Smfb Account Manager
Magnus Snickars Smfb Designer
Stina Nordgren Smfb Designer
Arnar Halldorsson Smfb Motion Graphic Artist
Sverrir Brynjolfsson Smfb Motion Graphic Artist
Richard Holley Geox
Gianlorenzo Mocellin Geox
Luigi Garbuio Geox
Jonathan Entwistle Stink Digital Director
Cameron Temple Stink Digital Creative Director
Jax Evans Stink Digital Digital Producer
Cathy Omedillas Stink Digital Project Manager
Ryan Dzierzek Stink Digital Vfx
Luke Dzierzek Stink Digital Music Composer

Creative Execution

Trough 4 different weather-navigations you can alter the chain of events. All in all there are 84 different routes for the users to explore. At any moment you can drop down to a special 3D moment of the shoe that allows a full 360ยบ view of the shoe, and giving people a one of a kind product demonstration up close showing the shoes in every angle and all weather conditions. The entire site is built in HTML5, and optimized for touch screen devices.

The campaign is in its first stage so the overall results of the activity is not available, but there are some very positive indications: We see that the conversion rate of people going right from the experience to the shop is high (number). We have over 1.000 000 unique visitors on the site The overall response in earned media is high, the campaign generates a lot of conversations in blogs, social media, life style magazine etc. talking about the message of Amphibiox for all conditions.

Amphibiox is waterproof urban everyday shoes. The communication challenge was to let people know that they are perfect for any kind of condition - not only rain. Through years of testing and development Geox has created a technology that is waterproof and breathable, making them perfect for all kinds of weather. This new generation waterproof technology not only keeps you dry, protects you against rain, mud and snow, it also increase breathability to aid your bodies natural thermoregulation. Perfect for any condition. We created a unique interactive movie-experience to demonstrate the performance of this technology. In love story about two people that have never met, we let the user play third character by trying to get them together. The only way to do so is by changing the weather. No matter what condition you choose the shoes handle them perfectly.