Winners & Shortlists


Category C02. MICROSITE
Entrant Company McCANN Helsinki, FINLAND
Advertising Agency McCANN Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Timo Silvennoinen Mccann Nordic Helsinki Creative Director
Jyrki Poutanen Mccann Nordic Helsinki Creative Director
Jyrki Poutanen Mccann Nordic Helsinki Ad
Tuomas Perälä Mccann Nordic Helsinki Copywriter
Timo Silvennoinen Mccann Nordic Helsinki Copywriter
Jyrki Poutanen Mccann Nordic Helsinki Copywriter
Heikki Lehto Mccann Nordic Helsinki Digital Creative Director
Karolina Hurmerinta Mccann Nordic Helsinki Digital Creative
Petteri Lillberg Mccann Nordic Helsinki
Alec Sibbald Mccann Nordic Helsinki
Yrjö Haavisto Mccann Nordic Helsinki Agency Producer

Creative Execution

Change the perception: Christmas is the time of corporate giving. Instead of your usual engraved pens we chose to wrap our time and creativity in a hairy package and write 'Lean Mean Slogan Machine' on top. Simply because our agency's creativity, our key selling point, could not be tasted in wines nor detected in fancy pens. The Lean Mean Slogan Machine promised your company a free tailor-made slogan in 2hrs. Promise was kept. Three company creatives created over 600 slogans in just 6 days. Companies in need of a new slogan varied from small local businesses to global giants.

- 700+ slogans written; Nike, Coca-cola, Nokia etc. - 1st time in history a Finnish agency's work featured in ADWEEK - Pick of the day by AdAge also very rare among Finnish Agencies - 2 national marketing awards won for agency so far with campaign - hundreds of social mentions; fans and businesses tweeting and posting their new slogans - Definite change in perception of the agency has taken place after the campaign: - over 50% (Q1) more incoming international lead-agency pitch invitations compared to 2013 (Q1) - 700+ new business contacts for the agency (30% of them considered relevant)

McCann Helsinki is still seen by some as an adaptation agency rather than a creative innovator. To change this grimed and false perception we needed creative, tongue-in-cheek and brow-raising actions that would generate marketing headlines and reach our potential clients and change the industry's perception about what sort of agency McCann Helsinki is.