Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company BOONDOGGLE Leuven, BELGIUM
Advertising Agency BOONDOGGLE Leuven, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Boudewijn Van Der Kelen Brouwerij Haacht Marketing Director
Parsifal Adriaens Brouwerij Haacht Product Manager
Niels Schreyers BOONDOGGLE Creative Director
Arjen Tarras/Kasper Janssens BOONDOGGLE Creative Team
Jonas Moors BOONDOGGLE Campaign Manager
Sofie Jossart BOONDOGGLE Campaign Manager
Davy Dooms BOONDOGGLE Graphic Designer

Creative Execution

In addition to getting the motto across through traditional media, we came up with “Bartinder”, a mobile guerrilla stunt using Tinder, the most popular dating app of the year. We asked some lovely girls to flirt on Tinder. Our girls suggested a better way to pick up a girl in their latest profile picture: “A dating app? Come on! Just grow some balls and chat up a girl at the bar instead.” We gave them an extra push by using a Tinder “moment” to invite them to a Primus bar within 24 hours, two free beers included, one for them and one for a girl.

Within two days, thousands of guys had come across our message and linked up with our girls . Some of them even made it to the bar and drank a beer in good company. In the meantime, the Primus motto is getting better known and guys are loving it ;-)

Quirky independence is part of the Primus beer gene pool. As a truly Belgian lager, it has remained completely independent and is able to choose its own path. And that is appreciated by more than just international beer competitions. Because Primus believes that guys should also follow their instincts. Our motto: “Mijn Manier. Mijn bier. Primus” or “My way. My beer. Primus”.