Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Entrant Company UNCLE GREY Copenhagen, DENMARK
Advertising Agency UNCLE GREY Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production Company B-REEL Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Jimmy Blom Unclegrey Executive Creative Director
Lars Dyhr Unclegrey Creative Director
Lars Samuelsen Unclegrey Chief Strategic Officer
Josephine Winter Poupinel Unclegrey Account Executive
Michael Mandrup Unclegrey Design Director
Carl Angelo Unclegrey Art Director
Karsten Kirkegaard Unclegrey Digital Director
Christian Kurt Rahn Unclegrey Digital Art Director
Magnus Härdner B/Reel Director
Simon Rudholm B/Reel Dop
Nanna Duelunde Nanna Duelunde Grading
Bez Arsoun Online
Stellan Von Reybekiel Composer
Red Pipe Sound Studio
Thomas Kroman STYLEPIT Marketing Director
Kenneth Herman Ebert Kondrup STYLEPIT Brand Manager
Thomas Wandahl STYLEPIT Group Ceo
Simon Saneback STYLEPIT Group Cmo

Creative Execution

The solution was to exhibit their extensive range of brands in an interactive retail environment, where you can browse the products in a visually arresting digital space. The clothes were showcased using people from all walks of life in one long ultra slow-motion snapshot, creating a new take on a digital catwalk. The digital experience loads an interactive film to play with. You can control the direction of the clip, toggling backwards and forwards, and pause to see the collection in detail. You can share your favorite garments across social media platforms and buy directly from

After the launch of ‘Fashion for all kinds’ visitors to increased by 192%. This generated a revenue growth of 42% - delivering more than 1300 new transactions per day. The project was able to significantly increase engagement rate delivering an average time spent of 5 minutes and 31 seconds – where users were looking, playing and buying. Furthermore the campaign was able to attract a higher quality of traffic increasing conversion rates by 69% and reducing the overall bounce rate by 41%. During the campaign the average basket size rose by 23% increasing from dkk 492 to dkk 613.

Online retail is often driven by a continuous process of optimization, which seeks to emphasize marginal gains in order to win a myriad of small battles. This approach is generally considered to be the bread and butter of e-commerce, but it tends to overlook how a more emotional and aspirational approach can provide a more engaging user experience while at the same time growing sales. For the launch of the fashion online retailer Stylepit we wanted to develop an immersive and interactive experience that would provide an alternative to how a company could market and sell products in the mobile space. The idea was to create a lookbook and fashion browsing experience that was optimized for the mobile space and could deliver a visually stunning and aesthetic experience that could establish a brand in the fashion category - on the media that their customers value the most.