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Product/ServiceSTATOIL BRAND
Category D01. WEB BANNER
Entrant Company TRY/APT/POL Oslo, NORWAY
Advertising Agency TRY/APT/POL Oslo, NORWAY
Media Agency IUM Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Lars Joachim Grimstad TRY/Apt/POL Creative Director/Copywriter
Egil Pay TRY/Apt/POL Art Director
Markus Lind TRY/Apt/POL Creative Director
Jan Kristian Haavi TRY/Apt/POL Web Designer
Thomas Lein TRY/Apt/POL Web Developer
Pål Smitt/Amundsen TRY/Apt/POL Innovation Director
Annette Werner TRY/Apt/POL Digital Producer
Morten Harnang TRY/Apt/POL Web Developer
Sven Jensen TRY/Apt/POL Account Director
Mona Løkke TRY/Apt/POL Project Manager

Creative Execution

How better to visualize the depth, literally, of Statoil's operations, than with an almost infinitely scrollable, "deep" online newspaper? We bought all the ad space on - one of Norway's biggest online news sites. The vertical length of the page is the perfect canvas to describe the depths Statoil operate on. And when the users arrived at the bottom of the page, we prolonged the webpage so that the users could "drill" even deeper into the material. To show that Statoil is capable of doing so-called horizontal drilling underneath the seabed, the page suddenly started scrolling sideways.

A record breaking click rate on 2,46% Largest single driver of traffic to the landing page, where the target user spent on average 1 min and 42 sec.

Objective: The majority of the general public has heard of Statoil, but few know what the company actually does. Statoil wanted to make its innovative technology visible to the Norwegian general public in the most relevant way. And most of all, communicate that Statoil is a world leading company within subsea technology.